4 Types Of Coffee Roasters That Satisfies Coffee Lovers In Sydney

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is a city with a great populace. It is famous for being the home of the Iconic Harbor Bridge and Opera House. Aside from the wondrous sight, the city is also known for its speciality coffee blends. There is no surprise that the locals have one of the most delicate and sophisticated coffee palates in the world!

Coffee shops are littered around the city. Explore some of them, and you will learn that there are various kinds of coffee roasters in Sydney. Don’t have the time? Read below, and you’ll find out just what type of coffee roasters can satisfy the palates of coffee addicts!

What is a Coffee Roaster?

There is just something about roasted coffee that can make any coffee lover melt in absolute delight. Why is that? Well, the magic is all on the coffee roaster.

Coffee roasters play a significant role in producing outstanding coffee. This is the vital piece of equipment that can transform your beans into aromatic coffee. The coffee beans undergo the roasting process, whereby the green beans are treated to produce the final roasted product. 

Coffee Roasting is a complicated process involving the delicate application of heat to green coffee. This is to transform the basic things stuffed within each seed – proteins, sugars, acids, etc.- into mouth-watering aromas of roasted chocolate, nuts, flowers, and more. Roasting also brings out the brown colour that coffee lovers all grow to love. 

Coffee roasting goes way back, with the majority of households taking care of roasting themselves. Nowadays, however, the roasting process can be left to coffee producers. 

The Different Types of Coffee Roasters  Along with the new times is the development of new technology. Coffee roasting equipment has undergone many changes. One such change is the birth of different kinds of coffee roasters
  • Fluid Bed Roasters / Hot-Air Roasters
The beans are roasted by allowing them to float in a bed of hot air. This roaster pushes hot air through a perforated plate or a screen beneath the coffee beans with enough force to lift them. The hot air circulation causes the beans to be evenly roasted. 
  • Classic Drum Roasters
This roaster type has a rotating drum that tumbles the beans in a hot environment. Quite many drum machines use indirectly heated drums where the heat source is positioned and placed beneath it.  Those with thin-walled drums typically give off more heat to the beans, risking a distortion in taste. So, it might be advisable to go for double-walled drums.
  • Indirectly Heated Drum Roasters
This is somewhat similar to the drum roaster. Though, indirectly, heat drum roasters are a bit more difficult to control as they require skilful airflow management. 
  • Recirculation Roasters
This roaster is the most energy-efficient coffee roaster in the market! The exhaust air in the roaster will recirculate its way back to the drum. This recirculates the exhaust air back to the drum.   Coffee roasting is an intricate and delicate process. It just continued to evolve over the years. Alongside that growth are the coffee roasters in Sydney. There are quite a few types of coffee roasters in Sydney nowadays. With the city housing many coffee shops, it doesn’t come as quite a surprise.
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