6 Reasons why people seek anonymity on the internet

Using the internet is growing every day, and especially with the increase in technology, there are a lot of social media networking apps that connect people from one corner of the world to the other. Not all the information that gets shared on these apps or channels would be pleasant. There are a lot of instances on the internet where one person starts fighting with the other for no reason, and those trivial issues would even turn into something extremely serious eventually.

Also, on social media channels, some people try and harass others as well. This would lead to several kinds of mental disorders like depression, and also it might affect one’s reputation in society. In order to curb all these things, most of the people seek anonymity on the internet. There are a lot of reasons why people want to stay anonymous on the internet, and we have tried our level best to come up with some of those for your read.

However, even when you are hiding your identity, there are ways to find them when they indulge in something that is against the law and especially for those who have questions like can ananymous blog posts be traced? So, are you ready to go through the major reasons as to why a lot of people want to hide their identity or have anonymous status on the internet! 

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  1. They are not interested in sharing their identity.
They are not interested in sharing their identity
They are not interested in sharing their identity

Some people are just not interested in sharing their identity whatsoever. It is their choice, and everyone has the right to do so. Most of the people would want to keep themselves hidden.

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  1. Past experiences

A lot of people might have gone through some harsh experiences in the past on the internet when they have been open to their identity. It becomes easy for others to target when you are not anonymous. It also gives the others an opportunity to defame you. Thus, to avoid all these things, a lot of people love to hide their identity. They do not want their past experiences to haunt them again, as that can affect their peace.

  1. Does not have the courage to face the consequences 

While a few people hide their identities to stay safe, some of them aren’t courageous enough to face the consequences that can come their way. A few people would want to stay anonymous and indulge themselves in activities that aren’t legal. Such people may have to face a lot of consequences because there are a lot of policies related to anonymity on the internet. But, to get rid of the momentary consequences, they would love to hide their identity.

  1. Controversial issues
Controversial issues
Controversial issues

There are a lot of online channels, portals, and websites where political issues and topics that can raise rage in people would be in the discussion. A few of them would be open about commenting on the threads of those posts, but most of them love to stay behind the screen with the label of anonymity tagged to them. Some controversial issues would go beyond control and can end up in personal attacks, harassments, and defamation. Hence, to avoid unwanted problems, some people like to stay anonymous.


  1. Personal harassment

There are a lot of instances where we have seen people getting bullied and harassed on social media channels for no mistake of theirs. Some of those comments can even lead to trauma because not everyone who comments would stick to the rules of netiquette. During those times, the victims would go through a very rough phase of life. It is always better to stay away from all these things, and that can be easily achieved with the help of the best anonymous blog platform.

  1. Not to get judged
Not to get judged
Not to get judged

Passing judgments on others have become pretty common, even without knowing them closely. Also, with the introduction of several online platforms, every comment that is written by a user are gone through several people. While some of them consider it sensibly, the majority of them take those things lightly and end up passing taunts, judgments that aren’t worth it. Hence, to avoid unwanted stress and attention and also not to get trapped into the vicious loop of comments staying on anonymous blog sites is the better option that most people choose. Also, another major reason is to express their thoughts without any fear; we can see people being anonymous.

Well, these are some of the main reasons for a lot of people to seek anonymity on the internet. There are both advantages and disadvantages in remaining anonymous on the internet, but it is always good to hide your identities if you are totally uncomfortable sharing them online. We hope that these reasons justify clearly and help you to understand the benefits of staying anonymous online at times through your anonymous blog post.

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