6 Remedies That Can Remove Your Skin Pigmentation Permanently!

Are you tired of pigmentation on your face? Do you want to get rid of this pigmentation permanently? But you don’t want to use any harsh chemical containing products on your face. Don’t think it is not possible. Because there are a lot of home remedies that have almost zero side effect and they can treat your skin very well.

Here are some causes that are very common in our daily lives, and become the reason behind the hyperpigmentation on your skin.

  • Inflammation due to any injury, scar, acne, bug bite etc
  • Sun exposure
  • Melasma
  • Any medical condition and medication

Your skin specialists can help you to diagnose the cause behind the pigmentation on your skin. You can consult the best dermatologists online.

For getting rid of pigmentation, here are some important home remedies that can help you in many ways;


Potatoes have vitamin C that is a bleaching agent. That’s why potatoes can be used on your face to remove the pigmentation. It helps you in removing the blemishes and pigmentation from your face and neck. Take a raw potato and grate it. You can apply its juice or the grated potato on your face twice or thrice a week. Let it stay on your face for 20-25 minutes and then wash with fresh water. You can see the results within weeks.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera has strong antioxidants and full of vitamins. The antioxidant chemicals in aloe vera helps in reducing the cell death and pigmentation. That’s why its use for skin and hair is so common across the world. You can get the pure aloe vera gel from its leaves or buy the aloe vera gel from the market. Apply aloe vera gel on your face and after 20 minutes wash with fresh water.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has natural bleaching properties. It helps in replenishing the dead skin cells with the new ones. It also protects your skin from Ultra violet rays. And it hydrates your skin. That’s why applying the organic coconut oil on your face helps in getting glowing skin and reduces the pigmentation. You can massage the oil on your face to get it absorbed properly into the skin. Repeat this method thrice a week.


Papaya has strong exfoliating properties that help in removing the dead cells from your skin. By exfoliation with papaya paste, your pigmentation reduces as it improves the growth of new cells. You can make a paste of papaya extract with milk and honey for applying on your face. Put this paste on your face for 20-25 minutes and rinse with fresh water afterwards.


Yogurt has acidic properties and full of vitamins. That’s why yogurt is very good for removing pigmentation from your skin. Apart from eating you can apply yogurt directly on your face. You can add honey and lemon in yogurt to get the maximum benefits. Apply the mixture twice a week on your face.

The lactic acid present in yogurt helps in shedding off the dead cells from your skin. This helps in regaining the natural glow on your face and getting rid of pigmentation.


Sandalwood is used for beautifying the skin for centuries. It has special chemicals that helps in regaining the skin glow. It also helps in removing in skin pigmentation. For applying sandalwood, you need to make its paste by mixing it with rose water. And apply this paste on your face. Rinse with fresh water afterwards.

They are the home or kitchen-based hacks but if your problem is not resolving with remedies, you should take the expert advice. The best dermatologists in Karachi can help you in getting rid of hyperpigmentation on your face. Through Marham, you can consult the doctors online during this pandemic. Stay home, stay safe!

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