February 27, 2021

What is the default IP, Username and Password for Belkin Router?

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belkin router default ip username password

To Access Belkin router setup page online, user’s need the default username , password and belkin router default login IP.

The users can access belkin router login online through their desktop or mobile application by following the instructions. Connect your mobile to Wireless Network which comes from belkin router.  Then type belkin router default ip in the url search bar of your browser then login page opens then enter your router’s username and password and click on login. For Mobile, the users in their android smartphones or tablets should click the settings option. Then they should click the wireless and network option from the mobile or tablets. Then the users should enter their wireless network name and wireless network password. Then the users should enter the join button available on the mobile page. Now the users can successfully login into their Belkin router account through their android mobile or tablet devices. 

What is the Default Belkin Router Login IP ?

Below is the instruction to follow to to access your belkin router online interface through belkin router default IP.

  • Most of the Belkin routers have a default username of the admin router. Then the users are having default passwords for the Belkin routers. The Belkin router’s default IP address is 192.168. 2.1. Through the process of login, the credentials like password, username or user ID and IP address are mandatory. 
  • First, The users should enter their IP address in the address bar.
  •  Then the user can find the enter option in the page, the users should click enter. If not working then the users have to check their Belkin router’s IP address. 
  • Then the users should log in using the admin Belkin routers. Then the users should enter the Belkin routers admin Username and password. 

What are the Default Username and Password for Belkin Router

  • To access your belkin router online interface dashboard then user have to login to his belkin router through default IP address as above mentioned.
  • After accessing login page, you would see two blocks for belkin router admin username and belkin router admin password. If you have not change the default credentials then the default belkin router admin credentials are “Admin” and “password” respectively.
  • If the user has not set up the password or customized then the user can leave the password option blank. Then the users can click submit in the page.
  •  Then the users can update their Belkin router login password on the web setup page. Then they can set their password for their dashboard and then the users should click the ‘let me in’ option.
  •  Now the users can access their dashboard and configure settings. The Belkin routers have been successfully set up.

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