The best Platform to Search for your Favorite Images using Reverse Search!

Google is the very platform that started this game of reverse image searching. Today people avoid using the image search engine by Google because it saves their input queries in its database for seven days.

This saving of data can result in a serious breach of privacy. This is why people tend to use reverse image search tools instead of famous search engines.

Today you can find tons of tools to make a reverse image search, but not all of them are good. Below we have listed the best platforms to help you search for your favorite images using the reverse search technique!

The best reverse image searching platforms!

Here are some of the best choices that you can make when it comes to reverse image search!

Reverse Photo Lookup – Duplichecker

If you are hunting for simple and free services, this reverse image search is the leading one. We want our readers to know that this photo search tool by Duplichecker is not only free but is also very secure in its working. You need to enter your input data in this image finder. Based on your input, it would get you relevant results from up to three search engines, including Google, Bing, and even Yandex. The reverse image search allows you to pick results from your preferred search engine. This image search tool deletes your input data as soon as you are done with the search.


This is a modern visual search assistant. You can easily browse images and find products from popular websites like Flickr. This image search tool allows you to make a search based on not only images but also keywords and URLs. This reverse image search tool can also be used as an add-on assistant with your browser. This would speed up the process of image searching and fact-finding about any image.

Reverse Image Search- SmallSEOTools

The reverse search tool SST is one of the hundreds of free and reliable services offered by this website. This reverse image search tool is generally used by webmasters and writers to check their images for plagiarism and also to find out usable and free images for their blogs. You must know that the reverse image search tool by SST provides an unlimited number of services. This means that you can search for as many images as you want to in a single day. This image search platform has integrations with over six different search engines from which it can get you results.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

This is a reverse image search utility that can help you search for all sorts of images and photographs. One should know that the reverse image search tool by TinEye is one of the eldest tools in this league and the services offered by it are quite remarkable. This reverse image search website has integrations with all important search engines and billions of websites and pages. This platform can get you millions of image-based results per search. This tool’s pro feature is that it doesn’t save your input images or keywords in its database; rather, it deletes them after completing your search.

Reverse Image Search- SearchEngineReports

The reverse image search tool by SearchEngineReports is also one of the dozens of image relevant services offered by the website. If you want to find image plagiarism, similar image content on the web, ownership of an image, and other important details, you need to try out the reverse search tool by SER. This tool’s working is based on the cloud, which is why you don’t have to worry about its installation. It can work on any device and any browser. This reverse search tool also provides you with infinite search queries.

Cool Iris

This search by image tool was first featured around four years ago when famous by the name ‘Pic Lens’. This tool is a browser-based plugin that you can use on any browser you want. We would suggest you try this reverse search plugin on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. This reverse search tool can be used on all sorts of devices except for Mac which is considered a con for this service. According to recent news by the tool, the Mac version is coming soon!


As the name of the service intends, it has great potential for retrieving information about the images that have been duplicated/Plagiarized without you getting the credits. This reverse search tool is also a perfect resource for finding details about the content on an image, including people, places and even small objects. The OCR feature of the service also helps you in identifying the text on the input image.

Some of the best image search searching platforms you can use on any of your devices. If you want to enjoy free and secure services, we will urge you to give either of the reverse image search tools a shot!

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