Ways To Block/Unblock On Plenty Of Fish

Being alone in today’s world has become difficult. Everyone needs a companion with whom they can spend quality time, share their worries, and have a heart-to-heart conversation. Finding such a person around you might seem like a difficult task to do. To get yourself out of this misery, download Plenty of Fish, one of the best apps for dating. As a lot of premium features are available at absolutely zero charges, Plenty of Fish reviews always prove to top the charts. You can download POF for PC as well as on mobile too. POF mobile can be accessed by downloading the app from the Appstore.

When to Block someone on Plenty of Fish?

Plenty of Fish is a safe and trustworthy dating application that promotes a healthy relationship between two people and works to find love for you. Being a social media platform where you meet strangers online, situations can arise where you might feel uncomfortable or annoyed because of someone’s presence. In such cases, you can take measures to block them from further texting you. Some situations which can make you take this brutal step are:

  1. In the situation where you are getting constant unwanted texts from a random person
  2. If someone is bothering, you with continuous and undesirable voice messages.
  3. When a stranger is repeatedly disturbing you with video call requests.
  4. If someone sent you an inappropriate text message or an unacceptable media-based message.

See all your blocked user’s here – https://pof.com/blockedmembers

How to Block Someone on Plenty of Fish (POF) 2020?

When you login to Plenty of Fish dating application and make a POF profile, your top priority is to secure your security and POF developers understand that. There can be times when a certain user’s presence might worry you because of getting unnecessary attention from them. Such intolerable situations call for immediate measures. The most effective step is to block this user from further annoying you. The steps to block someone on Plenty of Fish are easy and can be performed by anyone. Follow the steps mentioned below to complete your POF user blocking process:

  • Sign in to your POF profile by entering your username/email and your password.
  • Head over to your inbox and open the chatbox of the user you want to block.
  • Access the last text message the person sent you.
  • Go to the menu and select the option, “Block this person”.
  • This step will block the person and prevent them from sending you a text in the future.

It is to be noted that even if you block the person, you can still see their profile or look for them in the search option, but they won’t be able to text you in any case. Are you pestered by someone’s continuous nagging to such an extent that you are forced to find methods to how to delete POF? Before taking this harsh step, you can also try blocking that user.

How to Unblock Someone on Plenty of Fish (POF) 2020?

After you block someone you may have a change of heart or the person you blocked brings a change in his personality. In such cases, you might want to give them another chance by unblocking them. The steps to unblock a user are very easy to follow. The stepwise procedure is mentioned below:

  • Log into your profile after entering your credentials.
  • Go to your POF inbox and then select any conversation with any of the users.
  • Click on “Users I blocked” and then select “Unblock user” next to the name of the person you wish to unblock.

What Happens When you Block Someone on POF

When you block someone on POF you can’t see the user profile anywhere, but the user can see your profile in that case you have an option to hide your profile, or you can report the user & you should be prepared for the fact that no new POF user will be able to see you or be able to perform the POF username search, both basic and advanced. But on the other hand, user, either whose messages are present in your inbox, or who are in your favourite list and vice-versa, can search for you and even access your profile. The steps to hide your profile on POF are:

  1. The first and foremost step is to execute the plenty of fish sign-in process by entering your username or email and then your password.
  2. Then move on to the option “Edit Profile” which can be found beside the option “My Profile”.
  3. After you click on the “Edit Profile” option, a page will open displaying an option, “To hide your profile from others, click here”. You need to click on that provided link to hide your profile from any unknown who tries to search for you.

Some of the points that make POF worth trying is the fact that the process of Plenty of Fish sign up is uncomplicated and simple, and with the facility of POF English, anyone can easily access the app. In short, POF is an efficient platform for users to join and start their romantic journey.


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