Cheapest Countries for Indian Students to do MBBS

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when studying abroad especially for an Indian student. With the hope to obtain an MBBS degree from a foreign country, the first barrier to consider is financial support and sponsors. Therefore, this article will be considering reputable countries with the cheapest educational cost. 

For those who want to study in Russia, we would be considering cheap Medical colleges in Russia offering admission to Indians. Also, aside from the cost of education in terms of tuition and standard of living, these country’s medical colleges are in no other way cheap. There are many Institutions and colleges abroad offering admission to Indian students on a yearly basis. Some of these institutions have very high tuition charges and low cost of living, some high tuition a high cost of living. There is nevertheless, a third category offering cheap tuition and varying standard of living depending on the student’s budget. Financial freedom and competence are of great value to every student and most especially Medical students studying abroad. Also, provided will be colleges for example; Medical colleges in Russia or Medical colleges in Ukraine which are renowned and respectable in the country.


The countries where Indian students can obtain an MBBS at cheap costs include the following:

  • China

This country makes the number one of our list as it is the most favorite of Indian students to study medicine. China is a well-developed country and has witnessed various economic growth and development over the years. The country has 45 medical colleges which are all approved by the MCI, proving the county’s medical colleges as advisable. Some renowned China medical colleges where Indian students can study include Southeast University, China medical university, Hebei medical university, Jilin Medical University, and many more. This country is one of the best if not the best for Indian students to study at a low cost.

  • Nepal

Nepal is one of the countries with medical colleges having an affordable cost of education and high educational quality. With facilities, equipment, and laboratories, this is one of the most suitable cheap countries to obtain an MBBS degree as an Indian. There is also no need to worry, their medical colleges are MCI approved which means you can practice medicine locally in India even after studying in Nepal. The medical colleges you should check out in Nepal include National Medical College, Kathmandu Medical College, Janaki Medical College, and many more.

  • Ukraine

The third country to mention is Ukraine. Medical colleges in Ukraine are what you could call amazing and affordable. Ukraine boasts of having colleges with low tuition and low cost of living. Also, Medical colleges in Ukraine are MCI certified, and being an Indian student does not affect. This country maintains its teacher to student’s ratio at 1:10. This flexibility ensures that students get the proper professional and personal attention they require. Some medical colleges in Ukraine are Odessa National University, Ivano-Frankivsk Medical University, Bukovinian State Medical University, and more.

  • Russia

Russia is a very popular country in the aspect of its medical colleges. Russia is one of the countries with affordable tuition and yet welcomes international students like India. To get an MBBS from Medical colleges in Russia requires only the 12th-grade exam written in India. Similar to the countries listed above, Russian medical colleges are also MCI certified and suitable for Indian students. One more interesting part about studying in Russia for medical students is that there is an age limit, no under 17 is allowed. The eligibility criteria state that the applicant must be at least 17 latest by the end of the year of application. Some of the Top medical colleges in Russia include Mordovia State University, Northern State University, Kuban State Medical University, and many more.

  • USA

The US is one of the major aspirations of Indian students provided the opportunities available in the country. However, this country is also one of the cheapest countries to study for Indian students, with opportunities and low tuition costs. The US as you know is advanced in Medicine and Technology, therefore acquiring an MBBS degree from this country is sure to be worth more. Although to be eligible for this opportunity, applicants must first pass an MCAT test that serves as an entrance exam. This country is also MCI certified and very suitable for Indian students. Some of the Medical colleges available for Indian students to obtain an MBBS degree at cheap tuition costs include Baylor College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine, and more.

These are some of the wonderful and amazing Medical colleges that provide admission to international students including Indians at low tuition costs. Finally, it should be noted that notwithstanding the cheap tuition these countries provide, some still offer financial support and scholarships to international students.

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