How to Delete Plenty of Fish Account | Delete POF Profile From Mobile

POF stands for Plenty of Fish. It is a well-known dating application that was once in trend, in countries like the UK, US, Spain, Brazil, and Australia. POF is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and entertains the users in 9 different languages. POF becomes popular within no time though ran individually by Markus Frind. As we know it is a part of technology it might get stuck in web traffic or any other technical glitch. There are many competitors of POF in the market so it might be one of the reasons that users want to delete POF accountThough it is a free application some of its features are paid. There are many other dating applications in competition with the POF such as Tinder, OkCupid, etc. POF was founded by Markus Frind in 2003 and it got popular by 2004. People started using POF for finding their perfect match because it is feasible for all kind of users. POF is supported by both iOS and Android devices. Besides these features, it is hard to believe that one wonders how to delete POF account. Despite being a popular dating app some users don’t find it useful and wonder to deactivate their POF account. Don’t look further your answer is mentioned below.

How to Delete or Deactivate Plenty of Fish Account From POF APP

Permanently deactivate pof account easily

There are many reasons one wants to delete Plenty of Fish account. If one is more active on any other dating app or looking for a real-world partner and so on. Don’t worry if you’re amongst those users who wonder to delete POF account. Here we are with some simple steps to delete POF account.

Steps To Deactivate Account & Delete POF Profile

  • If you are using plenty of fish application in browser then open the browser and search (
  • Plenty of fish login page opens then put down your pof account login credentials in the appropriate place.
  • After Successful POF login Select “Edit Profile” after selecting “My Profile”
  • Now, enable “Hide profile from others” and continue

Remember after following these steps your pof account will not be visible to the other users. You can come back with the same account whenever you feel like accessing it with the help of the same account details. This is a temporary POF delete profile process and if you are not using your account for 3 months then it will automatically deactivated by POF.

  • Go to “plenty of fish home page” on your computer

  • Now, submit the correct details to log in your POF account

  • Press “Check mail”

  • Selecting the “Help” tab will redirect you to the “Menu bar”

  • From the multiple options of menu bar select “Delete account”

  • Fill the correct details of your account

  • Select an appropriate alternative for POF delete account

  • Fill the form as displayed by POF

  • A warning page will appear to inform you that after deleting the POF account you won’t be able to get active through the same account

  • Press on “Delete Account” to continue

These steps will help you delete your POF account from a computer, hope these steps are of great use to you and helped you resolve the issue at its simplest.

Steps to Delete Plenty of Fish Account ASPX Manually-

  • Open computer browser, go to pof account login page tap on POF icon

  • Login to your POF account

  • Follow screen instructions

  • Tap on “Delete Account” under settings prefrences.

  • Now, choose the appropriate alternative that best explains your reason for leaving

  • Now, wait for a while until it completes the procedure

Remember once the POF delete account is done you will no longer be able to run or reactivate the same account. The only other option you will be left to get active on POF again is to make a new account.

How to Delete POF Account & Deactivate POF Profile on Iphone

delete plenty of fish account on iphone

Not just Android but iPhone users also use this POF app in a search of their perfect match. Settings of both the devices are different and they can’t help each other deleting the POF account. There are many reasons when one wonders how to delete plenty of fish account from an iPhone.

Follow Steps to Delete POF Account From iPhone-

  • If you don’t have POF app then Open browser and visit “Plenty of fish homepage”

  • Now, enter correct user id and password

  • Select “Check Mail”

  • Enter the “Edit Profile” tab

  • Now, select “Remove Profile” and continue

The above-given method is an answer for how to delete POF account aspx from iPhone. Hope you find it useful and successfully deactivate pof profile and deleted your POF account from iPhone .

How to Delete POF Account and Remove Profile From Mobile Device

how to delete pof account on android app

As we know that POF runs on both the devices for the ease of users. But when we delete plenty of fish account from an Android app then the steps are slightly different from iPhone.

Steps to Delete Plenty of Fish Account From Mobile And Erase POF Profile From Android App-​

  • Open POF Application in your mobile

  • Enter the correct details and login to your account, if you are a old user then only one time you have to type username and password then after automatically login everytime.
  • Now, visit the help page

  • Select “Delete Account” option 

  • Choose the accurate option that best define your reason for leaving

Congratulations! You are done. But remember after deleting your POF account once you cannot access the same account ever again. In case you find it useful then you can create a new account to get its access.

delete pof account form computer

How Do I Turn off Auto-Renewal POF Subscription?

All we know that POF is the free online dating application but it is mentioned above that some of its features are paid as “Premium”. Users who are using its premium services usually face the problem of POF auto-renewal. POF deducts the amount of premium service without the user’s consent to continue it. Some of the users don’t find it useful and want to stop the paid services of POF. Such users generally raise this issue and go for POF delete account steps when unable to stop auto-renewal on plenty of fish. Need not to delete POF account just because you are unable to turn off auto-renewal on plenty of fish. Here are some easy steps to sort this problem.

Steps to turn off auto-renewal on plenty of fish-

  • Go to POF log in page

  • Type your correct user id and password

  • Now, select “My Account”

  • Open menu bar>Subscription details

  • Disable “Automatic renewal”

Hurray! You’ve successfully turned off auto-renewal on plenty of fish. Now there will be no deduction for any sort of POF services and also you don’t need to delete POF account.

The above-given methods are useful to delete pof account. In case you find them useless or unable to resolve your problem even after following the given method. You are now required to get in touch with the POF customer support team to get your issue resolved quickly. POF support team is handled by profound technicians who hold the experience and understand the matter deeply to help you with the best solution. The POF support team is available (800) 952-5210 here 24/7 to guide you when you need them. You can contact them regarding POF Delete account.

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