Google App not working on Android

Google App not working on Android

A user is asked to make an account for running an application on Google, some of the applications are paid and some of them are unpaid. There are thousands of applications runs on Google at a time which sometimes creates a problem and faces difficulty while running and due to this our device starts to hang. Apps stop working at a point of time because they are made through programming and run by an operating system which could create a problem. But when App stops to work, it is a huge pause to anyone because in today’s time most of us are dependent on these Apps and haven’t imagined our lives without these. When the app stops responding the very next moment we start running like a hungry panther in a search of the process which helps make them run again. So below are the steps which could satisfy your hunger.

What to do if Google App is not working on Android?

Below are some tips to sort this issue:

  • First press Windows button and Restart option at the same time.
  • Remove apps which have been installed through other browsers, because they might create a problem with the apps installed through Google.
  • Go to the settings and delete irrelevant data.
  • Use antivirus, to maintain your device.
  • You can turn in to Incognito mode, to ignore history data.
  • Check for the updated version, and update it accordingly so that an application can run smoothly.

After following the above steps if still, you face any problem regarding the issue, you need to call the tech support team for the best solution.

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