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Why Mozilla freeze? How to Fix Mozilla Firefox Freezing Up Issue Easily

Mozilla Firefox is amongst the popular web browser of the world just next to Google Chrome. It was introduced by Mozilla Foundation in September 2002 and gained success within no time. Mozilla Firefox is a free service that allows endless browsing. Despite endless browsing, users face many problems regarding it. Issues like an inappropriate theme or freezing problem generally occur with regular users. Firefox was particularly authorized for Windows 7 and its updated versions. Besides mac OS and Linux are its unauthorized gateways. It is supported by Android and iOS devices both. It was first generated as “Phoenix” by Mozilla to run as an independent browser. This plan of Firefox didn’t work and later it came as Mozilla Office Suite. 

Troubleshooting Firefox issues

Mozilla started leading the market with its exciting features like spell checker, additional search, bookmarking, downloads, various themes, navigation, etc. Built-in tools are some of its very interesting features that attract the user. Firefox Hello was one of its most used features that include video calling, link sharing, etc. Despite quality service, Mozilla becomes problematic at times due to various reasons like “Mozilla Firefox freezing” or “Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10”. Firefox gives access to users throughout the world and so it offers support to users that enhance their experience. 

Fix Mozilla Firefox Freezing Up Issues

Mozilla Firefox freezing issue

Mozilla Firefox is a part of the technology that runs via the internet so it becomes challenging for users at a time.

There Are Several Reasons Due to Which Mozilla Firefox Freezes Are

  • Mozilla Firefox freezes while browsing Windows
  • When a user tries to visit any specific website
  • During the time of downloading 
  • When a user tries to transfer data
  • In between while watching a video
  • Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing when a user performs copy-paste

Well, these are some general issues due to which Mozilla Firefox keeps freezes up. Now let’s have a look at some of the major reasons that cause Mozilla Firefox freezing. 

Some of the most suitable issues due to which Mozilla Firefox keeps freezes up-

  • Mozilla Firefox freezing up takes place when a user tries to load inappropriate browser theme
  • Overloaded history or cache can also lead to Mozilla firefox freezing
  • Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing when a user hasn’t updated its latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox keeps freezes up when a user has incorrect settings
  • Also, the virus in files can cause Mozilla Firefox freezing

The above given is the answer that why Mozilla Firefox freezing issues arise. After knowing these issues one can look after their solution so that their browser can run smoothly. There are many other issues users’ complaints about like- “How to deal with inappropriate browser theme” or “Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10”. “Mozilla Firefox keeps freezes up on Windows 7” is also one of the major Firefox issues. Now if you wonder how to deal with incompatible browser theme then don’t look further just follow the below-given steps.

How to deal with inappropriate browser theme?

how to deal with inappropriate browser theme

Themes are created and arranged according to the version of any browser, In case you experience the same themes in the updated version then there is a problem. This problem can cause Mozilla Firefox freezing issue. Don’t worry you can resolve it by enabling the default theme option. If you face any problem doing it then follow the below-given points.

Steps to deal with inappropriate browser theme

  • Open Mozilla Firefox

  • Select Tools>Add one

  • Click on Appearance>Default

  • Now, shut down your system and restart it to confirm the changes

Hope these steps helped you to resolve the issue with incompatible browser theme that escaped your browser from freezing. Now as already mentioned that Mozilla becomes challenging to users at times you can follow the given steps. Below is the answer to solve “Freezing of Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10”. Don’t worry, if you are unable to sort this problem you can just follow the below given simple points.

Why Mozilla Firefox Freezing up Windows 10?

wye mozilla firefox freezing up windows 10

If you are a regular Firefox user and face issues that become a hurdle when you do programming on Firefox. Do not worry and follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the issue. It could also happen due to downloading the inappropriate browser themes. Users can perform the below-cited method to deal with Mozilla Firefox freezing up on Windows 10.

Steps to resolve to freeze of Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10-

  • First, remove unnecessary data, clear cache and cookies

  • Now clear download history by clicking on “Clear Downloads”

  • Change the location of download folder, by dragging Download folder from “General Tab” in Settings and put it on desktop or documents or wherever you want

  • If you delete history so that the browser can run smoothly by switching to “Privacy and history” option in settings

  • Or you can try running Firefox in a safe mode by shutting all the tabs and starting it all over again

  • The next thing you can do to stop Mozilla Firefox freezing is to update the new version of Adobe Flash

Above detailed is the quick fix when Mozilla Firefox keeps freezes up and can free the browser with freezing or hanging issue.

How to Solve Freezing of Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7?

How to Solve Freezing of Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7

We know that Firefox is developed for Windows 7 and its updated versions. So the users of Windows 7 possibly face this issue regularly. No worries if you are one of those users whose Mozilla Firefox keeps freezes up. You are just required to perform the below given easy method to resolve your issue.

Steps to sort freezing of Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7

  • Open Mozilla and tap on its icon on the top lest of the page

  • Switch to “Tools”

  • Select Advanced Tab>General

  • Disable the checkbox of Hardware Acceleration

  • Close Firefox and start it again

So, these are some troubleshooting steps to resolve all your problems related to Mozilla Firefox issues. Like “Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10”, “Mozilla Firefox keeps freezes up” or “Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing because of incompatible browser theme”. Hope you find these methods useful to resolve your issues easily by just following them. In case you are unable to resolve these issues you just need to contact the customer support team of Firefox. The tech support team is handled by learned technicians and have a brief knowledge about this filed. They can help you with the related issue, the team works 24/7 to assist you.

Instant solution to Firefox issues

A user can contact by a call, text or by dropping a mail to the Firefox customer support team. So that they can brief about the issue you are dealing with and can help you with the best solution. Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser that is supported by almost all the screens and to entertain a large number of users. Not just this but to maintain its excellent quality Firefox also provides the support service throughout the world. So that users can do their task without any hurdle in any corner of the world. Mozilla Firefox, a piece of technology that stuck at times where users struggle when Mozilla Firefox keeps freezes up. This can be resolved by performing the cited methods or by calling the support team. Following their instructions are an instant help to fix your issue.

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