Remedies For Brother Printer Not Printing Black Ink on Paper

To solve this issue, let’s first know little about the Brother printer. Brother is a Japanese company that serves in electronic products. The company came in the year 1908, and the introducer of Brother industries is Kanekichi Yasui. Brother industries deliver several electric appliances, but the Printer is the best of them. Hence, that is the reason users face why Brother Printer not printing black problems. Brother printer started providing advanced electronic services from very early times. Until many years Brother only served in Japan but later by 1968 it has begun serving the US as well. Well, trading internationally has helped Brother expanding the business and services as well.

Why is My Brother Printer not Printing Black Ink Properly

No doubt, Brother is a well-known name in terms of providing daily life electronics. It is famous for maintaining its quality amongst all the products it serves. But as its products are all technical Thus, they face challenges when run by users. To solve the problem when brother inkjet printer not printing black. You first need to know the reasons behind why Brother printer is not printing black while printing documents and images.

Significant reasons why Brother printer not printing black properly

The main reason why Brother printer black ink not printing-

  • Check whether you have taken out the shipping tape properly before placing the cartridge.
  • Make sure you have opened the vacuum seal of ink .
  • Always set-up the fresh cartridge so that it won’t dry easily.
  • Make sure air won’t enter the nozzle, as it hurdles the printer printing in black.
  • Use quality ink always to enhance the performance of Brother printer.
  • Brother printer, not printing black could occur when you haven’t used the Printer for so long. So start printing samples daily to take it back to perform well.
  • Along with the ink also maintain the quality of the cartridge you use. Because it stops nozzles from getting blocked.
  • Confirm that your brother printer is not placed in the open. If it is, then do replace it in a dark area.
  • Check if you have kept your Printer in a dusty area, remove it kindly so that it could perform well.

These are some significant circumstances why the brother printer not printing black. After knowing all the reasons now, you can identify the issue if you get stuck. And you can quickly solve the problem by identifying it. After identification, now you must be wondering why brother inkjet printer not printing black. Need not worry; you can resolve it performing the mentioned below steps.

How can we resolve the brother printer not printing black error?

How can we resolve the brother printer not printing black error​

As above stated reasons are enough to help you identify the issue. So go through them once and check your Printer accordingly to get to know the problem. Now don’t worry, none of the above-given issues is hard to reset. As you know, Brother is a promising service provider and take care of its user’s comfort. Thus, it always works in a way to satisfy the customers to improve their experience.

Steps to fix brother printer not printing black properly-

  • Look at your Printer and check the compatibility of cartridge and Printer. You can set-up by rectifying the cartridge properly
  • Always clear the nozzle twice via LCD and remember not to clear it more than twice. If you do so, then the Printer won’t respond properly
  • Double-check whether nozzles are blocked or running. You can check it by printing black ink paper on top quality image mode
  • Avoid printhead clogging by using generic ink
  • To protect your Printer never run an empty cartridge
  • Replace black cartridge on time to make it run smoothly

Well, these are the best-given steps to solve the issue. I hope you find these points of great use and successfully fixed your Brother printer issue. Besides, there given a manual way to fix the same problem. You can now also solve it following the same.

How do I fix brother inkjet printer not printing black manually?

Above given is the best method to solve the concerned issue. In case it doesn’t work, and the problem persists then it’s OK. Here is the manual way to solve this problem and much more accessible. To begin with Brother printer, you should know the exact reason why it stops printing black. And to manage the printing quality of your Brother Printer is to clear printhead on time. However, it could get clear in other ways, but the manual mode is needed when nothing works. 

Steps to Clean Brother Printer Printhead Manually-

  • Either select INK key or,
  • Enter Menu> Up or Down Arrow> INK
  • Tap on OK 
  • Click on the Cleaning button under Up or Down Arrow
  • Tap on OK
  • Choose Black color under Up or Down Arrow
  • Tap on OK

Note- to perform the given below steps; you should have a touchscreen Brother printer.

  • Tap on the INK icon
  • Select the Cleaning option
  • Now, pick the Color or ALL (whatever you have to clear)
  • Your device will automatically clear the printhead and restart it to see the change

Remember- you can perform the same method when your brother printer not printing black or any color.

Instant solution to fix Brother printer not printing black issue

Above all are the methods to deal with Brother printer not printing black. You can try them to fix the problem on your own. But if you are not able to settle the problem even after following the given steps. Then you need to contact the Brother customer support team to get your issue resolved instantly. The team is also known as the instant solution because it takes immediate action on your complaint. You can reach out to them via call, text or an email regarding the Brother service issues. And they make sure to assist you properly by providing the best solution to your problem. Moreover, the team works throughout the day so you can solve the issue instantly. Not just the printers, but you can ask their help regarding any Brother product issue as well. 

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