How to Cancel Avast Subscription and Turn off Auto-renewal?

cancel avast subscription

If you own a laptop or any other gadget then, it is very crucial to protect your laptops, phones, or other gadgets from viruses. For that purpose, highly trustable and reliable antivirus is very important to have. Antivirus would not only protect your gadget from viruses but also detect and discard the already present virus … Read more

How to Cancel Your Automatically Renewing Norton Subscription?

Cancel Norton Subscription

In today’s time, gadgets are a very important part of our life. But, along with the increasing usage of gadgets, the virus destroying them is also increasing. Therefore, it is very crucial to protect your laptops, phones, or other gadgets from viruses. For that purpose, highlighting trustable and reliable anti-virus is very important to have. … Read more

Hospital and healthcare security- Fight against various types of data breaches

Hospital and healthcare security

The healthcare sector is more vulnerable to hospital and healthcare security than any other sector. Approximately, 30% of large data breaches have been anticipated over a decade that has affected thousands of staff and users. These data breaches have several techniques, that differ from personal information stealing to deliberately information disclosure to stolen tools. Hospitality … Read more

Reset or Change Instagram Username & Password without Losing Old Account

Reset or Change Instagram Username Password without Losing Old Account

Instagram is an American online website which is generally known as “Insta”. Therefore it is a social media website that is used to upload or share data like video, pictures, etc. Not only this but also you can edit that uploaded data. To begin with Instagram you must know that it was introduced in 2010. … Read more

How to Reset or Change SnapChat Forgot Username Password?

How to change snapchat password or username

Snapchat is a mobile application that was introduced by Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel in September 2011. Originally it was an online service but later it gave access to Android and iPhone devices as well. Snapchat is a multitasking application that offers messenger and camera with various frames. Also, it comes in 22 … Read more

How Do I Reset SbcGlobal Email Account Password?

Sbcglobal Email password reset

Sbcglobal stands for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company which provides email services with excellent features like composing emails, saving them as a draft and also you may use this account for business or personal use. But as it is something that needs an internet connection to run, it becomes challenging at times. Sbcglobal email password recovery … Read more

Why is My Kingsoft Antivirus Not Working?

Kingsoft Antivirus Not Working

Kingsoft Internet Security is a Chinese antivirus program that offering the most dominant, free security solution for PC customers. Kingsoft Antivirus program naturally shields against infections, malware, and spyware in real-time. Kingsoft Antivirus Key Features The main highlights of Kingsoft antivirus are as per the following: All in one antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware software with … Read more

How to Use a Webcam With Hotmail 2021?

How to Use a Webcam With Hotmail

Hotmail Connect with Webcam: If you need to do talk via webcam then you should download the software. You have to download MSN messenger to utilize the webcam service. You can also dial on Hotmail Toll Free Number to know what is basic to utilize the webcam. To make a video call via webcam people … Read more

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