How to Recover Facebook Password Without Confirmation Reset Code

Facebook, such a heavy name but it is too smooth to run it. It was invented in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellows. Facebook is a free online American web service that is considered amongst the top 5 technical corporations in the world. Facebook gave access to only Harvard students in its initial years. But later to grow Facebook allowed Yale, Stanford and Columbia students as well. In addition to expand its business Facebook started serving worldwide for free. Though it is a free service a user needs to create a legit account over it to get easy access to its service and features. Headquarters of Facebook are located in Menlo Park, California, US. but it is accessible from any corner of the world. 

Facebook provided us various interesting features and update them according to the need of users. And this helps Facebook to entertain them to maintain the hold in a web market. Now and then, Facebook never experienced any breakdown since the date it got released in the market. Facebook has covered huge networking areas and stands at the top amongst its competitors. And it is supported by all the devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Tabs, etc. Facebook,a social media website that has launched its application as well that can be installed through Google app store.

The launch of its application multiplied the number of users. Because then it has become easier to operate and handy as well. Another reason to lead the market are its multiple interesting features that attracts the users. For example messenger, video call and audio call, various stickers and frames, video profile picture. And it also allows you to configure account settings like managing privacy, changing passwords, blocking any spam user. In addition to this it is smart to auto filter the spam messages to help users avoid hurdlesusing Facebook. It is a wonderful platform for advertisement as well because it connects you with users worldwide.

How to Reset Facebook Password with No Confirmation Code

How to Reset Facebook Password with No Confirmation Code​

Facebook is a quality-driven service and the most frequently used website, it becomes challenging at times though. Furthermore, to access its features you need to create an accountover Facebook. On the other hand that account later becomes challenging in many aspects. But not to worry Facebook collects all needed information to recover the account when needed. So if you are a regular Facebook user and face the same issues like “Facebook password reset”, “change Facebook password”. In the event you not know to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code then need not be stressed out. Because your data is secured and you can easily get back to your account by fixing these issues. To fix these issues you can follow the below-cited methods and can run back to your account again.

Steps to Reset The Facebook Password with No Confirmation Reset Code

  • Open Facebook login page
  • Enter correct user-id
  • Now, open a spare tab and browse for “My Account is compromised” option
  • Enter your account id and
  • Press the SEARCH button
  • Type old password or current (the one you remember)
  • Now select email id and press on Continue
  • You will get a password recovery link on the selected mail address
  • Browse that link and type the new, unique and strong password

You are done! Solving Facebook password without confirmation reset code is now not a big issue to deal with And after resetting you are successfully running the same account with your new password.

How to Change the Facebook Password Without Any Confirmation Code

How to Change the Facebook Password Without Any Confirmation Code​

Facebook is a promising service supplier and does not let others access your account without your consent. So even after following the above method now if you wonder how to change Facebook password without the confirmation code. Don’t look further as you can help yourself by just following the given easy steps.

Steps to Change Facebook Password with No Confirmation Code

  • First, log in to your Facebook account in any of the devices whether PC or mobile
  • Now, browse for

Remember the account you want to change the password for, that should be logged in already in your device

  • Visit
  • The above step will take you to password recovery page
  • Enter new password
  • You have to answer some easy questions
  • Done

Congratulations! You have completed Facebook password reset without any confirmation code. This is a different method to reset Facebook password without entering your old password and without completing any authentication. Remember do not apply this method for any wrong use, this method is shared just to ease your issue.

How to Reset/Change Facebook Password with the Help of Default Email

How to reset change Facebook Password with the help of default email​

While creating an account Facebook asks for the recovery email address. So that the users face no problem while recovering the account afterward. Regular users generally stay logged in for a long hence forgets the password of their account. And if they finds it difficult changing the password they get panic and asks how I change my Facebook password. Don’t worry you can change Facebook password easily by performing the given steps.

Steps to reset/change Facebook password with the help of default email address-

  • Open browser
  • Go to Facebook login page
  • Enter the correct user id and select the “Forgot Password” option
  • Password recovery page will appear
  • Now choose another email address of which you remember the password
  • Now run your Facebook account with the same id password of the chosen one
  • Press “Continue”

Remember, this method will connect the chosen email address with your Facebook account. Hence, you can continue to run your Facebook account with the new password. Hope you liked this method and your Facebook account is running properly with the chosen id password.

How to Change/Reset Facebook Password with Phone Number

Due to some reason users find it difficult to change or reset Facebook password. For this purpose you can use default email address. Well, don’t worry if you doesn’t have one because you can still fix it via other methods. Fixing it is necessary in concern of data leakage, and not to lose privacy. As it fulfills the purpose of account security and none besides you can operate your account Also after this no one can use your details in any kind of spam. If you also wonder to change Facebook password with phone number then here are the steps you can follow. Facebook asks users for alternate recovery options while creating an account. Whether it be email address or phone number, it is up to you. So if you chose a recovery phone number then its time to use that and help your account run back.

Steps to change/reset Facebook password with the help of phone number-

  • Open browser
  • Go to Facebook login page
  • Enter correct user-id
  • Select “Forgot Password” option
  • Skip the email id recovery option
  • And pick the contact number verification option
  • You will get the authentication code on phone number
  • Entering verification code in the text field will take you to password recovery page
  • Enter new password (strong and unique)

Congratulations! Now you know how to reset Facebook password with a phone number. But in case your recovery or default email id is not working. In that situation you can follow this method to change Facebook password.

Change Name on Facebook Page

If you use Facebook regularly and runs your own page over that. Then you might face an issue like how to change Facebook page name? Don’t worry just like other Facebook issues you will get the answer to this problem as well. If instead of removing the Facebook page you want to change the name of your Facebook page. There could be several reasons behind changing Facebook page names. For example the current name doesn’t suits your page or the old name is not sober. Don’t drop the idea of running the same page as you can easily change the name on Facebook page. To carry on with the same page you can perform the below-cited steps.

Change Name on Facebook Page​

Steps to Change Name on Facebook Page

Note- If you want to change name of Facebook page on the desktop then go with this method

  • Open Facebook login page
  • Enter correct account details and log in your Facebook account
  • Go to your profile
  • Scroll Menu section and select the “About” option
  • Now, tap on General
  • Press on “Edit” in front of the name option
  • Now, tap on the “Request Name Page” option
  • Read the points to change a Facebook page name
  • Select appropriate Facebook page name according to the points mentioned
  • Press Continue

Well, these are some easy steps to change Facebook page name on desktop. But the problem still persists if you try it on mobile. Because for mobile you should go with the below-given procedure.
Note- If you want to change name of Facebook page on mobile then go with this method

  • Tap on the Facebook icon
  • Enter user id and password to log in to your Facebook account
  • Now find the “About” option on the left side of your profile page
  • Select “Edit Page Info” option 
  • Click on “Update Page Info” 
  • Now select Name section 
  • Enter the new page name (change according to the tips given)
  • Refresh the page to check whether it has changed

You are done, hope you find these methods useful for changing the Facebook page name on both the devices accordingly

Hopefully, all these methods lead you to your way and helped you resolve the issues you were dealing with. As these methods are way too simple to perform and one can simply get what looking for. But in case you find any of them not working or unable to solve the issue you are dealing with. Then you can call Facebook customer support team which is handled by profound techies who are learned and skilled technicians. The team is available 24/7 to guide you when you need them. In case you find any problem regarding Facebook, whether it be a password recovery or change Facebook page name.

Moreover, Facebook page loading error or any other Facebook error could be solved easily through Facebook support team. So get in touch with the professionals whenever get stuck while running Facebook. As they will assist you with the best options to your problem. They can guide with their experience in the concerned field and will lead you to get your problem resolved. Facebook support team helps enhance your experience running Facebook in the long run.

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