January 24, 2021

Reset or Change Instagram Username & Password without Losing Old Account

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Reset or Change Instagram Username Password without Losing Old Account

Reset or Change Instagram Username Password without Losing Old Account

Instagram is an American online website which is generally known as “Insta”. Therefore it is a social media website that is used to upload or share data like video, pictures, etc. Not only this but also you can edit that uploaded data. To begin with Instagram you must know that it was introduced in 2010. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom developed Instagram. It was first supported by iOS but by 2012 it has launched an Android version as well. As a result both type of users get its access. No doubt, Instagram was organized with various interesting features that attracted a huge number of users. And this technique covered a wide range of the market for Instagram in very less time. Though Instagram is a free online service but a user need to create an account over it.

As a result you get access to its features and facilities. To start with Instagram you should have a legit Instagram account. In short we all know that having an account over applications become challenging at times. Similar is the case of Instagram because user sometimes face problems like “how to Change Instagram username”.  Initially Instagram was an independent service but got acquired by Facebook later.  On the other hand Instagram has many alluring features like “Following”. Also you can get feed updates and other also can follow you.

Why We Change Instagram Username?

Instagram though runs various features but keeps an eye on security measures as well. So then each user can run their account securely and can manage it look unique. Hence, its privacy feature takes your consent before displaying your feed to the other users. Being the case of regular usage it is natural to face issues like how to change Instagram username. By the way besides this users face many other Instagram related issues as well. And not all users know how to deal with these issues. So don’t panic when unable to resolve them. As we are here with easy and best solution to your problem.

How to Change Instagram Username?

How to Change Instagram Username

No wonder if someone want to change their Instagram username. Because there are several reasons that why one want to change their Instagram username. For example: user do not find their username interesting, some do not find it relatable. Others say it is boring, and some want to change it for privacy concern. So if you are amongst those users and wonder to change Instagram username then your search ends here.

Steps to Change Instagram Username-

  • Tap on the Instagram icon and open it
  • Open profile page
  • Select “Edit Profile” option
  • Go to the text filed and enter a new name
  • Press “Done”

Done! These steps are simple and hopefully helped you change Instagram username easily. Now in case you are struggling with other Instagram problems like Change Instagram password. You can go through the below-given method to resolve it quickly. But first, let’s know why it is important to change password timely. Below mentioned are some conditions that make us change Instagram password.

How to Change Instagram Password?

Indeed privacy is a concern for everyone and especially when you share your personal information or data online. This is the reason why users are asked to change passwords timely. So that they may not face data leakage issues and their account remains safe. Whereas when people find other using their account is the another reason to change Instagram password. Or when their current password is hard to remember, its being so long that they haven’t changed their password. Generally, users wonder how to change Instagram password in these situations because these could be the worst scenario ever. On the condition one’s information can go viral or their data and account could be used for spams. If you are also looking for Instagram password change then below given are the best steps. Mentioned steps will help you change Instagram password easily and quickly.

Steps to Change Instagram Password-

  • Open Instagram
  • Press the three-line symbol displayed on the top right of your profile page
  • Now, go to settings and select security
  • Tap on the Password option
  • Type your old password 
  • Type your new and strong password twice, for confirmation
  • Press SAVE to continue

Hope these steps are of great use to you and you have finally secured your account.

Change Instagram Password and Username on iPhone

How to Change Instagram Password and username on iphone

Instagram is an online service that is supported by iOS, Android, and Windows as well. And that is why the same issue is resolved differently on all the devices. Because each devices has its different setting. Now if a user is using Instagram on iPhone and wonder to change Instagram username and password on iPhone. On that condition don’t go anywhere you can solve it on your own just by performing the given steps.

Steps to Change Instagram Password on iPhone

  • Start Instagram and open your profile page
  • Press that three-line symbol
  • It will display the list where you have to choose privacy and security
  • Select Password option
  • Type your old password enter a new and unique password, for authentication
  • Press SAVE

No matter what your reason is but with the help of this method you can always change Instagram password. This will help you keep your account strong and secure. With this in mind now if you want to change Instagram username on iPhone then follow the cited method.

Steps to Change Instagram Username on iPhone

  • Start Instagram 
  • Open your profile page
  • Select “Edit Profile” by entering the settings sectionl
  • Type a unique username 
  • Click on SAVE button

Congratulations! It is done. Now you know how to change Instagram username on iPhone. We wish these steps helped you resolve the issue easily.

Change Instagram Username or Password on The Computer

How to Change Instagram Password and username computer

Besides Android and iPhone, Instagram is supported on PC as well. And users thereby also look for the solution of their query. Whatever happens and if they are unable to resolve issues like how to change Instagram password or how to change Instagram username. Then they also search for an easy and best solution. As we know the setting of the computer is totally different than of Android and iPhone. In consequence they get panic when they don’t find any solution. But to fix these issues here are some very simple steps to help you out.

Steps to Change Instagram Password on The Computer

  • Browse Instagram login page 
  • Open your Instagram account with correct account details 
  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Change Password option
  • Password recovery page will appear
  • Type the old password
  • Enter a new strong password, enter the same again to confirm
  • Tap on the SAVE button to continue

These are some easy steps that help you change Instagram password on the computer.

How to Change Instagram Email or Phone Number?

You can perform these methods when you don’t know how to change Instagram password or Instagram username on various devices. Just like android, iOS, and computer and many other. Well Instagram password change can be done through both “Instagram app” and “web browser”. No doubt, Instagram is the most frequent used application in today’s date. However, the ratio of Instagram users is increasing day by day because of its excellent service and exciting features. In addition to this Instagram gave access to users throughout the world for their feasibility and for easy connection to any corner of the world.

As was previously stated it is a free service but needs an appropriate account of each user. So that afterward user can get access to its features. To begin with an Instagram account you need to put email address or phone number. Instagram collects your information with this in mind to make your profile strong for a long run. As a final point the collected data will recover the account when needed. But if you already have an account on Instagram and shared the required information but you want to change them. Then don’t look further you can easily change them following the below steps.

How to change Instagram email or phone number

Steps to Change Instagram Email Address

  • Start Instagram and open your profile
  • Go to private information
  • Now, select the email address displayed
  • Enter new email address
  • Press on “Complete” button
  • You will receive the confirmation code on your new email id
  • Confirm the authentication to complete the process

Note- if you don’t complete the last step i.e. verification the whole process will fail. Now you can change your Instagram email address at once on your own and can freely run your account further. But if you wonder to change Instagram phone number, the below steps will help you in that.

Steps to Change Instagram Phone Number

  • First, start Instagram
  • Visit your profile page
  • Tap on your profile pic/avatar
  • Now enter the Menu bar
  • Go to Security tab by clicking on settings
  • Tap on the Edit button given besides your phone number
  • Enter a new number
  • Select “Done” to continue

Here you go with these steps to change your Instagram phone number easily. Despite performing these methods if your problem still persists. Then you are required to get in touch with Instagram support team. You can call or mail them regarding your query as they are available 24/7 to assist you.

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