Why is My Comcast Email Not Working Properly?

Comcast email service is quite good and there of course is no denial to it. But there could be times when your comcast email may not be working that good. Being a new user of course you may have tons of questions and concerns in your mind which is why the answers shared below can be of help to you especially when comcast email not working.

Comcast Email Not Working Due to Server Settings

If you have the comcast email account and want to configure the mail client for sending the email then you simply must enter the setting of Comcast’s SMTP in the section of server configuration field. The setting is 

  • Comcast SMTP server name: smtp.comcast.net
  • username: your Comcast email address
  • password: your Comcast password
  • Comcast SMTP port: 25 or 465

Once you are all set to deliver the email, you can then go ahead and select the security and authentication choice. You must also keep in mind that if you are planning for bilk email marketing, you must then go for the sever setting of professional SMTP service.

Rather the normal outbound service for the Comcast’s SMTP server comes with certain limits for the number of people to whom you will be able to send the same email, number to the single email and even of sending the email every day. Also, when you work with the shared IPS may not assured you a better deliverability for the emails.

What to do If Comcast Email is Not Opening on Devices

  • In order to fix your Comcast email solution, you must follow the configuration process which is quite simple for the users. There are some settings in iPhone, exchange and Google that needs to be made. But if you have an account of comcast already then it may not be really that easy like it usually happens in other cases. If you want to fix your Comcast email on iphone then you must follow the guidelines shared below so that if comcast email not working it works.
  • Firstly, go in the settings section on the application. You then have to go in the drop down and select the option of ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’.
  • Now go in the option of add account and click on it. Choose the mail account that you want to add.
  • You can then also have a look at the option of other. Now enter all the important details like name, email address and password which is asked in order to authenticate the application for your email account. 
  • Once all the details are entered you then must click on next option to go ahead and then continue.
  • Make sure you enter the name correctly and see to it that it will not have any comcast included as it could create some issues.
  • Usually in many cases the process of authentication will not take place successfully. At such time, you must click on the next option so that your profile gets saved. Once it is done, you then must go back in the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar and choose Comcast email service which may not be working.
  • Now you can see the section ‘INCOMING MAIL SERVER’ where you must enter the credentials and then go on ‘SMTP’ button. In the section of OUTGOING MAIL SERVER’, you have to put the credentials like the hostname and username which you can see on the screen. You will then have to enable the option of “Use SSL” and see to it that the Server port number is correctly entered which is 587
  • Now get in the setting page and choose the option of advanced. Make sure you are using SSL which is enabled and the type of authentication is also asset as per the password
  • In case the comcast email is still not working on your iPhone then you might want to configure again. In case it doesn’t really work then you can try configuring it with the POP instead of option for the IMAP. This would make a difference except for the that there will not be any synchronization at the ends if you use POP.

You can always go for the third part email application in order to protect the credentials using a POP connection. It is needed for securing the mail server.

In case you have the application configured through Port 110 then few updates are needed. For this you need to first look for the email application settings on how you can change the port. It is same for all the mail options shared below:

  • Mac (Apple) Mail
  • Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Outlook Express
  • Thunderbird
  • Other

Steps that you must follow

  • You first must open your outlook
  • Now click on the file section and then hit the account settings button
  • You further must choose the Xfinity email address and then change it
  • Make sure you follow the account verification process that says POP. If the type of account is IMAP then you may not have to make any changes. 
  • You can then choose the option of more settings on the lower right side and then go on the advanced tab section. 
  • Now make the chances in the Incoming Server to 995 and see to it that SSL is chosen or is the encrypted connection 
  • Now end it with saving the setting by clicking OK.
  • Click OK to save your settings.

How Do I Get My Comcast Email Back Online?

  • In order to get back Comcast email online 
  • You first need to make an email address or create a new one with the exact similar speeling like if the previous account of your email was comcastsucks@comcast.net then you may have to go for comcastsucks@yahoo.com
  • Now enter the email address which you must have made in the field. And sign-in with the credentials.
  • You can locate the email section on the top right side. Once you click on it, you can further prompt on activating the email account.
  • Once you do so the email account shall start loading with the email through the Xfinity that says Welcome to XFINITY Connect Email.
  • You may want to open it to see to whom has this email been created and be sure that it has been created for you
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