February 26, 2021

What are the Main Reasons Behind Cox Email not Working Properly

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cox email not working

cox email not working

Cox is one of the most prominent fast Internet service providers in the United States. Along with the high-speed internet, the Cox people additionally get a facility of making up to 10 email accounts. Each email account has a capacity limit of 2 GB. There is no doubt that the webmail service of Cox is very amazing as far as performance and security. In any case, it is additionally a reality that there are some normal Cox email issues that are inevitable. The problems of Cox email not working can be even more troublesome in case you need to send or receive an urgent email.

This tutorial is only for you if your Cox email stopped working or not opening properly. Here, we will talk about the various possible reasons behind the Cox email issues and steps to fix them with easily.

Common Reasons & Solution For Cox Email Not Working Properly

Cox Email is extremely advanced and most sophisticated email technologies are accessible today. Still, there is definitely no email service that is completely flawless. Cox email users are also prone to countless issues. Some of them are as follows due to which cox email is not working properly.

  • Unable to sign into Cox email: The most common reason behind Cox email not working is the sign-in problems or forgotten the password. You have to run Cox email password recovery in case you can’t recollect the password.
  • Cox not sending an email: There is a limit of the greatest number of emails that you can send in a day. Ensure you haven’t crossed that limit. Additionally, ensure you are entering the right email address of the recipient.
  • Cox email not opening on Chrome or any other browser: This sort of issue is most part caused due to the similarity issue of the web browsers. In case you are also confronting browser issue for cox email is not working then you have to guarantee that Cox email is good with your web browser.
  • Unable to reset Cox email password: You should have access to Cox password recovery phone number or email address in order to reset the password.
  • Cox email account blocked: Cox block the email accounts of those people who don’t follow certain rules and guideline. Generally, these blocks are temporary and you should have the option to utilize your account normally after a few days.
  • Cox email isn’t working on iOS: To utilize Cox email on iOS devices, you should know the proper IMAP/ POP settings. Then again, you may also utilize Cox email through the Safari browser on iOS devices.
  • Can’t get email on Cox: This issues generally occurs when the extra space in your Cox email account starts to deplete. You should remove the old email if this is the case with you. Additionally, ensure that you haven’t blocked the senders by mistake.
  • Hacked Cox email account: In case your Cox email is hacked then you might get it back by resetting the password. In any case, issues can be serious if the hacker has changed the password recovery option such as phone number or email ID.

Why Cox Email is Not Working With Windows

cox email not working on windows

In case your Cox email not working on windows or some other operating system then you should follow the steps below very carefully.

  • It is obviously that Cox webmail requires an Internet connection. So, you should ensure that your internet connection is quick and smooth.
  • Check the similarity of your web browser with Cox. In case your browser is not good then you should transform it or you can update it.
  • Clear the caches and cookies of your browser in case Cox webmail isn’t opening properly.
  • Disable all the 3rd party extension from your browser as they can also block Cox from working in a proper way.
  • Recheck the IMAP/ POP settings if Cox not working on Outlook or another email customers.
  • In case the issues proceeds then you should run Cox after disabling your antivirus and Windows Firewall.

Cox Email is Not Working on iPhone - Read the Ways to Fix It

Cox email not working on iphone

If you have to utilize Cox email on Android or iPhone utilizing a mobile web browser and confronting issues like cox email is not working on iphone then you ought to pursue the steps mentioned before. For a better experience, we recommend you to configure Cox email on Android/ iPhone using IMAP/ POP. Follow the steps below in case you are confronting issues in doing so.

  • Ensure your Android/ iPhone isn’t on Airplane mode.
  • Check the wifi and mobile data connection with guarantee that you stay connected to the Internet.
  • Guarantee that your iPhone or Android phone isn’t coming up short on storage space. If it is so then you might remove some unwanted applications.
  • Change to IMAP if you are utilizing POP settings and vice versa.
  • Check the IMAP/ POP setting for Cox and ensure it is right. The POP settings for utilizing Cox on Android and iOS are as following:
  • Incoming email server (Hostname): pop.cox.net
  • Incoming port: 110
  • SSL: None
  • Outgoing email server hostname: smtp.cox.net
  • Outgoing email port: 25
  • Sign-in requirement: yes
  • Once you are finished with following every one the steps, your Cox email account should work fine. However, in case you are still dealing with some issues like cox email is not working properly on iphone/ipad then you should connect with experts Cox Email customer service for further help.

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