How to Delete Dating Account and Cancel Membership?

The trend of dating account is something we all know has been quite at high rate especially after the apps and websites have come into existence. Certainly, it makes our time of loneliness a lot easier and we look forward to meet some guy who can be a good soul in all ways. But yes, with some perks and drawbacks we finally come on deciding the reliable option that even many friends must have advised. And if it is Dating option then you will not regret of using it. However, there are few terms and conditions that you need to accept like when it comes to hide profile. 

Talking about the Dating account, well you can easily create an account and even use it. But there are some amounts to be paid in advance or you may get auto deduction of the amount form your account in order to avail the features and benefits. If at any point of time you think you don’t want to further continue with this account, you can do so. However, being a first-time user, you may really wonder how to deal with the situation and concerns and that is why, given below solution can help your concerns to a great extent even when you want to delete account or cancel subscription.

How Do I Delete my Dating Account?

The process is quite simple. In case, you are not happy with the service that Dating offers then you can literally stop at any point of time. Whether you have already met someone or whether the features that you have got so far may don’t seem to be relay fruitful because of which you must have thought of not opting for this then there is a process for this.  Before we head out to remove the account or delete account, you must understand that your account will only be removed and not hide profile from your computer and you will not be able to cancel it form the mobile devices, if you will try to do it from the app or the web browser.

    • Firstly, Go to and then log in your account
    • In the settings section, you must go in the My account part which is located right below the menu that you can find at the right top corner
  • Now go in the option of view account status that you can see under the Account status where you can even see delete account 
  • Now choose the option of more account status change
  • You can see the option of remove my profile. 
  • There is a section under it called delete that you have to choose
  • You will be asked about the reasons as well which you have to specify on why you really are keen on deleting.
  • Upon entering all the desired details, you can then go ahead and close your account or cancel subscription.

How to Cancel Dating Premium Membership?

At some point of time, you think that your premium membership should not be continued then you are free to disconnect it and make your mind to delete account and hide profile. For presenting the interruptions with other members in order to communicate with them, memebers are usually asked to paid either through credit or opt for the automatically renew option until it gets cancelled option. this way the user can even save the money even when the future process hike and the service fee that usually is capable for the new purchase. Now if you have decided to cancel subscription, it may remain active. But the full member benefits will only be available till the time subscription for the span has been paid. This means, once the subscription expires, then probably it would be difficult for you to avail all features even when you delete account. However, there are some steps of cancelling your membership or even Turn Off OurTime Subscription that you must follow:

    • On the upper right corner, you can see settings section at your account
    • Now go in my account from the menu of drop-down section and then follow the next step
    • It is time that you locate the status of your account and then choose the link of view account status
    • Now choose the option of move the account status changes of link.
    • Right after you click on it, there will another link be ready for you by name of remove the automatic renewal option.
  • Go further and click on it where you can then downgrade the account or hide profile. You will be able to see that further your card will not be charged any more for future membership.

How Do I Hide my Dating Profile?

Sometimes you might want to take time off from the online dating and would not want to even stay disconnected or cancel subscription. At such moment you can focus on hiding your profile. This way no one would really both you and you can avail all the benefits and features as well. However, to avail this option, you need to follow some steps. they are quite easy and you can again do the changes in setting an remove the hiding option as and when you want

    • First in the upper right-hand corner you can see the settings option.
    • Clock on it and go in My account section from the menu of drop down
    • Now in the account status, you must go on click account status
    • Now you must further make more account status changes
  • On that you can see at the top the option to hide profile. Click on it and save the changes. Your profile will then get hidden immediately.

When your profile gets hidden, it will not be visible to anyone else but the same case is when you delete account or cancel subscription. Besides you will only have the access to the features on the site. In case you want to start using your email, you must log in your account and there will be a prompt message that will be asked to you on whether you want to unhide your profile again. If you are keen then you can opt for it. If you have been a paid member then the automatic renewal would keep on continuing even when your profile is hidden.

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