Epson Printer Shows WF 3640 Error Code 0x97 After Updating Windows 10

Epson has one of the most famous printers in the world. Their models are known for their performance. However, all printers or drivers are quite flawed. Problems can occur for technical and mechanical reasons beyond our control. Perhaps the most common error users encounter with Epson printers is Epson error code 0x97.

What is Epson WF-3640 Error Code 0x97?

Epson WF-3640 error code 0x97 is familiar to people who use the printer for a long time. This type of error occurs immediately, and once it happens, you do not receive any warnings or signals. It degrades the printer’s critical performance by interrupting the signal that turns the device on and off. You will not be able to use the printer until you have permanently fixed the problem.

The printer’s LED display may show Epson error code 0x97. This error occurs during printing, and the printer turns off unexpectedly. This mainly occurs with the Epson WorkForce Series Epson WF-3640 (Epson 252 ink), WF-4630 (Epson 786 ink), or WF-7610 models.

What Causes Epson Printer Error Code 0x97?

The Epson 0x97 error code is a type of warning in the event of a printer internal hardware problem. It may be due to a malfunction of the motherboard or other types of internal components. If you see this error on your screen, it is possible that some internal parts of your printer are not functioning correctly.

If you get Epson error code 0x97 on your WF-3640 or another WorkForce printer, don’t panic. Follow these simple troubleshooting steps before sending your printer to a repair shop.

How Do I Fix Epson WF 3640 Error Code 0x97?

Disconnect everything from the printer

You must cancel the print job and clear all paper jams from the printer before you can continue. This method is relatively easy and may work depending on the cause of the error. After removing all the paper jams, disconnect all cables connected to the printer. Includes USB cable, power cord, power cord, and ink cartridge.

Press and hold the printer’s power button for 1 minute. Then reconnect everything, including reinstalling the Epson ink cartridges in their respective slots. Press the power button to turn on the printer and perform a test print. Check if there are any changes. If Epson 0x97 continues, or if you come back after printing a few pages, go to Troubleshooting Method 2.

Restart the printer

This troubleshooting technique is virtually the same as the first. All cables must be disconnected from the printer. Allow the printer to rest for approximately 5 minutes before continuing. Then press and hold the power button for 1 minute. Press and hold the power button while reconnecting all cables. This method may require the help of others.

Press and hold the power button again for 1 minute, then release it. Run a test print to see if there are any improvements. If the Epson printer error code 0x97 persists, the last method may be the solution.

Clean the printhead

A dirty and clogged printhead can be the result of an Epson 0x97 error code. In this case, the solution is to clean the printhead thoroughly. To clean the printheads on your Epson printer:

Step 1: Remove each ink cartridge from the printhead one by one. Place the ink cartridge (upside down) on clean paper or towel. Then carefully remove the printhead from the printer.

Step 2: Thoroughly clean the printhead’s bottom with a clean, lint-free cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Continue cleaning the nozzle area until no black ink adheres to the fabric.

Step 3: Immerse the printhead in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes. Do not use boiling water. Place a clean paper towel on the base and place the printhead on it to soak. Remove the printhead from the container and gently wipe off water and moisture with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Step 4: Place the printhead on a paper towel and let it air dry for 15 minutes. Then put the printhead back into the carriage and reinstall all the cartridges in their respective slots. Turn on the printer and see if there are any changes.

Install and update the printer driver

Malware may also be the main reason behind Epson error code 0x97. In that case, install or update the printer malware protection.

The final step to fix Epson error code 0x97

IF Epson’s Printer Not Working & Warranty Still Valid? If that doesn’t work, you can contact customer service for troubleshooting assistance and then ask customer support for possible troubleshooting options.

If customer service does not help resolve the issue, you can request a replacement. Epson ET 4500 error 0xf1 is a hardware malfunction error and means that the printer is essentially inoperable. If Epson does not help repair the printer, replace the printer. 

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