Google Voice Search Not Working & Not Responding

Google Voice Search Not Working

No doubt, Google is a multitasking platform providing high-quality features to its users which have maintained user’s trust and strengthened the bond. But as we know a coin always has two sides then after all Google is a part of technology, a human-made thing which could get stuck at times because of technical glitches. Google voice search is one of Google’s best features which has made our lives easier which comes with the option of enabling it when it is needed. This feature is inbuilt in all android phones and all the Google devices but sometimes faces an issue like Google voice search not working. This issue occurs because of two reasons language selection and network connectivity and these two creates an issue like “Google search not working” which can be resolved by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open settings and check the selected language.
  • Do check mobile’s microphone, whether it is working.
  • Look at Google search feature.
  • If Google search feature is disabled then it may cause voice search problem as well.
  • OK Google feature must be working

Even after following these steps if you face any problem-related google search or google voice search in that case you are required to contact the Google customer support team to resolve it quickly.

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