How to Fix Canon G3000 printer in service mode

There are a number of ways when your printer gets out of its use showing errors such as Cycles of blinking, 7 times Error, Ink absorber full Error code [5B00], etc. All these errors somehow lead to blocking the performance of the printer and fail to achieve the desired printing results. But you don’t have to lose hope. After all, there is a specific solution to every problem in the world. So, why get worried? You have reached the right place to get the right solution. 

It doesn’t really matter whether you are using Canon ink cartridges or some other company’s cartridges if you know how to reset errors, you will surely beat the problem. Right? So don’t go anywhere! Be with us for the next few minutes. Today, you are going to know a lot of interesting things! 

Before we start, it’s crucial you know the basic error codes that you can see in your can printer cartridge. 

Table Of Contents

  1. Basic Error Codes
  2. 2 Printer Ink Cartridge Repair Solutions Are As Following
  1. Physical Improvement
  2. Resetting The Ink Absorber Value
  3. Conclusion:

Basic Error Codes

  1. Error Code E03

Support Code 1203 1300

Cause: The cover is open. Paper is jammed.

  1. Error Code E05

Support Code 1401 1403 1430 1485

Cause: FINE cartridge cannot be recognized.

  1. Error Code E08

Support Code 1700 1712 1714

Cause: Ink absorber is almost full.

  1. Error Code E04

Support Code 168A

Cause: the FINE cartridge is not installed properly.

Now when you have to know the causes for printer’s ink cartridge damage or errors, it’s time to jump to the solutions. And there is no better solution than printer repairs, which is usually carried out in two stages. 

2 Printer Ink Cartridge Repair Solutions Are As Following

  1. Physical Improvement

Physical improvement is an excellent option to repair printer ink cartridges that also works amazingly for Canon printer error code 5b00 process. In this repair method, first of all, you have to replace the main waste ink absorber with a new one, clean it smoothly, and lastly dry it for wonderful functionality. To replace/clean it, you must disassemble the printer as the main waste ink absorber can be at the bottom of your printer. After the ink absorber is fully repaired or cleaned, reassemble the printer again and be sure you follow these steps correctly to avoid additional unwanted damages or errors.

If you’re still feeling trouble, then we’ve summarised all the above-written information in some simple steps. Read thoroughly. 

  • First of all, remove the printer case
  • Separate the printer engine
  • Replace the Main & Platen waste ink absorber
  • After you have replaced the main and platen waste ink absorber, reassemble the printer and make sure the assembly process is carried out perfectly.
  1. Resetting The Ink Absorber Value

Now, when you have performed the physical repair method thoroughly, the next one is to reset the waste ink value. This method is carried out using the software “Canon Service Tool.” Based on data in the Canon Service Manual, the software used can be Canon Service Tool v.4710 or higher. As the Canon Service Tool v.4710 does not exist, rather than using it, you can choose the Canon Service Tool v.4718 or the Canon Service Tool v.4720. The choice is entirely yours. After the reset is finished, the printer repair has been performed and the printer is ready to return to its normal state as it was before.

Again just like the simple and sorted steps for physical improvement, we have prepared a list of resetting too. So, you can fix your canon cartridge in service mode. 

STEP #1 – Enter Service Mode

Steps for Service mode operation 

  • First of all, switch off a printer
  • Touch & hold the stop button
  • Now, press & hold the ON button 
  • Gently, release the stop button 
  • During pressing the ON button, touch the stop button around five times and then carefully release the ON & STOP buttons together.
  • If you want to disable the scanner for error detection and start the machine in the service mode, then you are advised to press the STOP button around 6 times. In this way, the service mode will be available without even the scanner. 

STEP #2 – Reset error Ink Absorber Full 

To reset Ink Absorber for Canon cartridges model number G3200, G3300, G3400, G3500, G3800, G3900, we suggest you use the Canon Service Tool v.4718. As an alternative, you can use the Canon Service Tool v.4720. 


We hope now you have learnt how to fix Canon ink cartridges’ errors that you sometimes find hectic to fix. Our above-mentioned steps are the best to fix errors if you are looking for a permanent solution to it. Implement those steps on time and then see the difference. If you have any doubt, then ask us. We are here to respond to you immediately. If you want to share anything else with us then don’t hesitate. Drop us a message below.

Enjoy reading & have an enjoyable day!

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