How to Improve Your Ranking for “Near Me” Searches?

With changing times, the ways people hire services of different experts have changed as well. Earlier, people would ask for referrals from their friends and family, but things have somewhat changed now. Although people still follow this conventional method, they also rely on the internet for this purpose. As a matter of fact, the first thing they do, when looking for any service is to search for it online. For instance, those who want to get a gym membership, they Google “gyms near me”.

Needless to say, the top results they see on the Google search results are considered the most. This improves the chances of lead generations of companies/businesses that appear among the top results. This has opened up new avenues for an SEO Specialist in New York. Apart from improving the visibility of a website following the conventional practices, they, now, have another way to improve the ranking and visibility of the websites they are working for.

On this note, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can follow to improve “near me” rankings:

Work on Google Review

Improvement in ranking or not, getting reviews on Google for your services hold a great importance for cultivating a reputation. As stated above, people turn to Google, whenever they want to get anything, be it a product or service. So, if your business has numerous positive reviews, it will help the cause i.e. there are going to be higher chances of you being preferred by customers.

Other than that, it also helps in improving near me rankings. As per research, Google reviews can have an impact on the ranking of your company in the Google listings. The better and more the reviews, the higher there will be chances of getting a prominent spot among the near me results.

This clearly illustrates that you shouldn’t take reviews lightly. Ask your customers to share their feedback on Google. If there’s a bad review, do not neglect it. Give a professional response and try to resolve the query to the reviewer. It will leave a positive impact of your business on other readers as well, and nullify the negative effect of the bad review.

Addition of “Near Me” to the Tags

This is another thing that holds vital importance when it comes to improving search engine rankings. All the tags of your location pages must have “near me” to them. For example, page title and description that are included in <head> code of these pages must have this tag. If you do not have any idea about it, consider talking to the web design agency who developed your website.

Use “Near Me” Related Keywords

Gone are the days when keyword stuffing would work. However, it doesn’t mean that keywords have lost their importance. If incorporated smartly, they offer great value vis-à-vis improving the ranking of your website. So, the content on your website must have the keyword “near me” placed strategically in it. It should flow well with the rest of the keyword to appear organic.

Also, make sure to use its other popular variations such as “nearby” and “nearest me”, particularly on the location pages. This practice would help to improve rankings. But as stated above, do not overuse these terms.

Addition to the Anchor Text

Another important thing here is the addition of “near me” to the internal links’ anchor text. If your company has more than one locations, this step could help a great deal. One thing you can do to improve the ranking is to get a Google Map embedded on each location page. This will offer more than one benefit. Firstly, your customers would find it easy to reach you, as most people now rely on Google Maps to access a particular location. Secondly, it will impact your website’s ranking as well.

Also remember that the addition of the “near me” to the URL of the page can also help. You can also get backlinks to the location pages and have anchor text including “near me” along with the city and state.

There you have it! These are some of the effective ways that can help to do the needful for you. Apart from Local SEO Services, ranking among the top near me results can greatly impact your business. It improves the visibility of your company, which, in turn, enhances the chances of lead generation. Having said that, for some of these steps, you would need the services of an expert. Make sure you are relying on the best one so that the job gets done effectively and quickly and you can start getting results in a quick-paced way.

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