How to Protect Your Phone From Malicious Apps

Whether you’re one of the more than 2 billion people downloading an online mobile game or another app to boost your productivity, you must keep your phone safe. Malicious apps can do all sorts of damage, from breaking your phone to stealing your personal data.

Before you download any application, follow these simple tips. They’re the best way to protect your phone from malicious apps:

– 1. Use verified sources

Some people will download applications from websites and untrustworthy sources. To avoid the risk of malicious apps, always download from trusted sources.

If you’re using an Android device, download from Google Play. If you’re on an iOS phone, download your apps from the App Store.

– 2. Use Google Play Protect

If you have an Android device, make sure that Google Play Protect is active. This will check every application before it’s downloaded to your phone. It’ll also scan apps from any other sources, to check that they’re free from malware.

It’s easy to set up Google Play Protect on any Android device.

Apple devices have their own app download security, though you don’t have to turn this on or off. It’s already automatically active – phew!

– 3. Get third-party antivirus apps

As well as relying on Google or Apple’s own security, it’s also worth investing in a third-party antivirus app. Again, make sure that you get this from a trusted source. There are several well-known options including McAfee Mobile Security, Norton Security or AVG AntiVirus.

An additional antivirus application provides another layer of protection. It’s peace of mind, making sure that nothing will get through your defenses.

– 4. Check reviews

As well as relying on other technology, trust your own security skills. Before you download any application, check existing user reviews. These won’t just tell you if an app is safe, but if it’s as good as it says. You can decide if it’s worth downloading – it’s always safest to only download apps that you’ll regularly use.

– 5. Allow automatic updates

Check that your phone is set up to receive any automatic updates. This will keep it as secure as possible. You should always have the most up to date phone software and the latest versions of your apps.

Often, updates will only download when you’re connected to WiFi. Many phones protect you from hefty phone bills by refusing to download through your network. If you’re at home, connect to the WiFi to get the latest updates for your device. If you’re always using a cellular connection, it’s possible that these won’t get through.

Remember, also, to regularly turn your phone off. It’s tempting to constantly top up the battery so that it never runs out, but it’s also worth remembering that updates won’t complete unless your phone has a chance to restart. At least once a week, switch off your phone and let it run through a full launch. If any updates require a restart, this is how you’ll make sure they’re complete.

– 6. Use parental controls

If your child or teenager uses a phone, you’re responsible for keeping them safe. Even if you know what’s safe to download, younger phone users might not.

Parents are encouraged to monitor a child’s online activity. Set up parental controls so that they can’t download new applications. Keep an eye on the apps that they’re using, and make sure that their phones have just as much protection as your own.
It’s easy to set up parental controls on iOS and Android phones so that passwords are required before any new game can be downloaded.

– 7. Stay cautious

Everyone should act as though their device is at risk from malicious apps. Even if you feel that you’re quite tech-savvy, be careful whenever you’re downloading.

By using trusted sources and checking reviews, you’ll keep your phone safe from an attack. There are so many antivirus and security products, but some people don’t realize they exist.

As soon as you get a brand new phone, download and install the right protection. This should be your top priority, before downloading your favorite apps for social networking and gaming. Look for verified official applications, and always give your device the opportunities it needs to stay up to date. With a little care, your device will protect you from online attacks.

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