How to Record A Phone Call with Call Recorder App?

Are you an Android user? 

Unfortunately, Android does not have a built-in feature to record phone calls.  

But no worries! 

You can still get the recordings of both inbound and outbound voice calls using third-party apps. The latest technology has introduced an easy-to-understand set up to access the target device with only a few clicks.  

But remember that the target device must have stable internet connection access.  


Because third-party apps require an internet connection to send the collected data to the end-server.  

The demand for the spy app has been increased.  

Do you want to learn the reason?  

Well, the growing cyber or real-life threats make the parents record their teens’ phones. Business firms also use the tools to keep a check on the employees.

But now, let’s explore how does an app records the voice calls and what setup it requires.  

How to Record Phone Call Using an App? 

After many transformations, we have got smartphones. The same happens with the spy apps. These third-party apps have been transformed, and hence, technology has given us an easy-to-understand technique. 

Now, We Will Discuss How an Efficient Call Recorder App works. 

1 – The very first step involves the buying process from a reliable source. A user must visit an official site of the chosen platform to purchase the license.  

2 – After buying the license, the user needs to access the target android phone physically and install the app. Such spy tools require only one-time physical access and give remote access for monitoring. 

3 – The third step involves the app setup on the target phone, which requires a license key to enter. 

4 – Sign in to your account on your device (end-server) and open the dashboard. Here, you can listen to the call recordings with only one click. 

Is It Legal to Record the Calls of Someone? 

It depends on which state or country you live in. Some countries require the approval of the other party to record the calls. But if you do this stealthily, you may need to pay the penalty. However, parents are allowed to monitor the activities of their children. A company must tell the employees about tracking the work phones, or they can file a lawsuit against the firm.  


Call recordings help a lot to unveil the truth. Kids often spend hours on their mobile phones and do not tell their parents, whom they talk to 24/7. But best call recorder app let the parent know that with who their children are in touch and what they talk about.  

Such spy tools are also helpful to secure the business. It increases productivity by keeping track of employee performance. The management can also listen to the call recordings to identify who leaks their sensitive information. 


Some call recording apps are heavy and consume the battery of the target device excessively. 

The user needs to pay dollars to avail of the call recording services.  

Be a Member of the Most Reliable Platform – TheWiSpy  

The online market has hundreds of call recording apps but remember that not every online product is reliable! 

We are here with the most powerful yet non-intrusive spy app, TheWiSpy. This tool brings all the data from the target device under stealth mode and empowers the end-user to listen to all the incoming and outgoing calls. Its advanced features allow the audience to get complete insights into the target device.  

What Else Can You Monitor With TWS? 

Read Text Messages 

Social Media Access 

GPS Location Tracking 


Microphone Surround Recordings  

Call Log 


Manage Installed Apps 

And Many More! 

Final Thoughts  

We have discussed functionality, pros & cons, of the best call recording app to record phone calls and help the audience. Today, everyone wants to keep the kids safe, and it is possible with the spy apps. Such tools allow us to monitor other activities too. What are you waiting for? 

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Monitor your loved ones or employees & control the activities of them with TheWiSpy! 

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