February 26, 2021

How to Sync Cox Email on Microsoft Outlook

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Sync Cox Email on Microsoft Outlook

Are you confused about setting up your Cox email with the Outlook program? No worry it has become a fast and easy task now for Sync Cox Email Outlook. Below mentioned steps will help you with the step by step for adding your Cox account and finding your email for the first time.

Before you start-

  • Be ready with your Cox email address and its password
  • Outlook Mail Application
  • Cox Mail Settings

If you have the set up ready for your mail yourself, and your cox email is not working then these are the settings you will need for Sync Cox Email Outlook:


  • Incoming Mail Server Address
  • imap.cox.net
  • Incoming Mail Server Port

User Id creation- The initial part of your email address. For instance, if your email address is joe@cox.net, you would use Joe.

Password- This is the similar password you use to log into cox.net and entree your account and the billing information.

Step 1- Cox Email Setup for Outlook

Open Outlook- Outlook icon- Click the File menu- Outlook file menu- Click Add Account- Outlook add account button

Then just select Manual setup or extra server types and click next.

Step 2- Outlook 2016 manual setup

Prior select POP or IMAP then Click Next- Outlook pop or IMAP selection

Inside POP and IMAP Account Settings, fill out the name and full Email Address.

For Server Data, select IMAP for Account Type. The inward mail server should be set to imap.cox.net, and the outbound mail server (SMTP) would be set to smtp.cox.net.

Step 3- Outlook mail settings viewing cox

Succeeding to Cox Login Information, fill in your User Name and Password and place a check after Remember password. At that time click the More Settings button.

Step 4- Outlook showing cox setup settings

Go to the Outgoing Server tab. allow the outgoing server (SMTP) needs authentication and Use the same settings as the receiving mail server.

Step 5- Outgoing server settings

Go to the Advanced tab. For port settings, set Incoming server (IMAP) to 993 through SSL encryption, at that time set Outgoing server (SMTP) to 587 with TLS encryption.

Step 6- Outlook advanced email sets

Click OK then subsequent when finished

Click Close if the account logs correctly

Click Finish

By following the above steps it will be easy for anyone to Sync Cox Email Outlook.

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