How to Use FixMeStick on a Windows Computer?

Being a first-time FixMeStick user there might be ample questions running in your mind. But first thing first! If you want to subscribe for the 320-day free trial or simply want to buy it, you must be first its member. Because there are so many people with whom the company has already been tied up for the help which they need as and when required. Once you are their member, you can avail their support service as well. Once you buy FixMeStick, it is time to get it on your windows computer. You don’t have to worry because there is no hard and fast rule. Easily follow the process:

  • Firstly, you need to switch on your PC. If you have created the user name and password to be filled up, do so and get to your regular desktop or background
  • It is then time for you to use the FixMeStick. It comes with a capo. Try to remove it and then plug it well in the USB port on your PC.
  • If you are using a desktop then you may want to use the USB port at the tower back
  • Now it is time to open either the folder called the File explorer or visit My Computer.  You can simply go in the start section and find the My Computer or Computer icon and click on it.
  • In case you choose the file to explore, well, you can click rightly on the icon of windows where you can choose the File Explorer option.
  • Once you left-click the icon of the folder at the screen bottom then you have to start with upload stuff.
  • Talking of which, you will find the drive of FixMeStick USB on the left side of the window. Open Web browser and Login to FixMeStick then you simply have to left-click on it. In case you don’t see it then you can try the different USB port
  • Now it is time to double click on the option of FixMeStick” where you can find the list of languages. Now choose the Yes option when it pops up asking you whether the changes to your PC should be allowed.
  • It is now time for your device of FixMeStcik to start updating. You can then follow the steps as you see on the screen. You will be in a scan process as you see different series of steps on the screen.

Once it is done, you then have to then select the option of clean the computer.

How to Start the FixMeStick for Windows PC

How to Use FixMeStick on a Windows Computer

  • Before you start using the FixMeStick and wonder where it needs to be inserted, first understand the process for its smooth operation.
  • You need to first hold down the button of Power on the PC till it gets completely shut down. It is then time to remove your device of FixMeStick.
  • Later again turn on your computer and if there are credentials then enter log-in details.
  • You then have to insert the device into the computer in its USB port. Once you get the format FixMeStick message, you then have to click on it.
  • Now you will see the windows logo where you must go in the start section and select My computers. When my computers open up, double click on it and you shall find the Stick USB option located underneath Devices along with Removable Storage
  • When you are in the USB folder of FixMeStick you can then see the different languages list. Double click on it and you will get the application.

Source: Fix Me Stick

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