What is SEO? Why is it important?

Definition and introduction of SEO: 

First things first let’s get into the definition of SEO and brief knowledge about it. 

SEO generally abbreviated as ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is widely used in digital marketing in present days. SEO is a popular service provided by most of the Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai and search engine optimization company in dubai .  It is basically a process created by organic search engines in order to increase the quantity and quality of useful traffic leading to your website. This is used by most of the business owners in order to achieve a wide range of traffic to their site just by an organic search engine

It consists of three components majorly quality and quantity of traffic, organic results. 

Quality of traffic definitely concerns, when you want to gain some genuine traffic visiting your site. However you can attract more visitors to your site with the help of promotions or by paid ads, but those attractors are not genuine and have no purpose of visiting your site. 

On the other hand, the quantity of traffic really matters in the end, as you want to gain more visitors to your site. So once there is the right traffic passing from SERPs, the quantity received should be more in number. And lastly, an organic result which is included in organic search engines and organic traffic, without any paid ads or promotions. 

You can hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, which uses its Digital Marketing strategies and helps your business to gain those visitors. 

How does SEO work? 

SEO is generally a website which will direct you to some of the relevant lists of links that you are searching for, google, bing or whatever website it may be. Its work is to provide you with quality search engine results and lists of links that are related to your search. 

No wonder it works magical, as to whenever you start typing related links are just popping up on your screen. If you ever wonder how it works, then here’s how it is. 

Take an example of Google (or whatever search engine you prefer), when you start typing something then there are some search engine results suggested which are related to your search. These search results are the information gathered by crawlers present in the search engine. Later this information is fed back to the search engine with 1s and 0s to create an index. This index is then passed on to an algorithm which links it to your search results. These results are concerned to match your queries asked. 

The O in SEO as optimisation is where the content is present and fed into their sites so that when people search for something and receive these optimised solutions as a result which are relevant to their search, in turn like whatever search engine result is suggested. So this is how it works. 

(Megabyte.ae, A digital Marketing Agency in Dubai offers you many marketing services and can design your business’s site SEO friendly)

Importance of SEO (in digital marketing): 

Here are some of the reasons why you should prefer SEO for your site. 

SEO is largely preferred in digital marketing nowadays because of its greater value in the marketing field and its uses. One of the main reasons that are specified is, how easily you can gain a wide range of visitors to your site and also for better improvement of the site. As you can visualise now that organic search is basically is more often preferred attraction of visitors. Organic search is the most primary resource concerned when you have to improve your website’s performance. Now we all know that almost 75% of the search market is owned by Google (with over one million users) around the world. Unlike Google, being highly recommended and gaining most of the quantity of traffic is the most important thing you should consider in order to improve your site. 

SEO also builds a strong foundation of trust and visibility to the users. People usually prefer trusted sites to ensure their safety, in that case, this might be very helpful to gain their trust and provide a clean and secured site. Good SEO means having a better user experience, where users are an important factor. The main goal of this is to solve the queries within a single click, a quick response which is most relevant to their search. In this way customers will be satisfied more by the results and the company will not have to go through any suffering caused by delayed actions or results. 

Local SEO’s which are preferred by small and medium type businesses are in greater profits. Its aim is to provide specific search results within a few seconds along with quick responses. SEO can come in handy when you want to flaunt the brands of your site, indirectly impacting on your buy cycle positively. These may or may not include paid ads, in order to gain the visitors and potential customers to your site. 

It can be updated with varying time as its potential decreases if not updated because of the other hindrances. If updated, provides more assistance and more value to your site when compared to others. As we live in the world of updating and altering changes every minute around the world, it’s really challenging to go along with the updates and changes. 

Most importantly SEO is a very friendly and affordable scheme which you want to collaborate with your site. It is most beneficial when it comes to promote the brands on your site and gain more quality customers. 

Quality SEO brings more opportunities to light amidst the changing marketing world. If a brand that is better understood by a quality SEO may often lead to many successful opportunities. You need to be on page 1 if your website’s ranking is to be shown in the first 3 rankings. And for that you also need to utilize other strategies of Digital Marketing, which a Digital Marketing Agency provides such as graphics design, email marketing etc. As the rankings matter most when it comes to search engine results for the people. It is likely to be the most preferred sites whichever are shown in the top rankings. 


With very often alterations and updates of digital marketing, it is better to potentially support your website with SEO. As there are many beneficial uses implementing your website especially your brand’s promotions and improvements of your site. Basically, digital marketing indulges with many changes, and in order to meet those requirements, you need to get assistance from SEO. It is a necessary path to be followed if you want your site to be ranked and visible to visitors easily. Hope this was helpful enough for the readers. 

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