How Do I Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Issue?

Internet Explorer is brought in by Microsoft under Microsoft Windows services. It’s just another browser, like Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer came in the know by 1995 and also called as IE by the users. It has once lead the market, but then comes the downfall, and IE faced many issues. For example, Internet Explorer not working or Internet Explorer not working windows.

On the other hand, it is famous and the most used service because it allows you to run spare windows at a time. And running additional windows at a time helps you complete the task quickly. IE is a promising service provider and gives comfort to its users. Also, IE updated in each of its generations up to IE 11 to run on all versions of Windows. But in the end, Microsoft Edge substituted IE in Windows 10 as an inbuilt browser. To begin with, the Internet explorer let’s figure out its advantages and disadvantages. IE (Internet Explorer) is a popular browser that allows you to explore everything and anything by all means in the whole world. 

  • It allows you to conserve power with its power-saving feature 
  • It’s amongst the most secure browser in the digital market
  • It gives you access to turn off the add ons to enhance its performance

As we have discussed, both “pluses and minuses” of Internet Explorer. Let’s find out the easy ways to resolve these issues. Well, Internet Explorer not working is a common problem amongst users. It happens because IE has covered a vast area and has users throughout the world. No matter whether web traffic or a technical glitch is a reason behind internet explorer not working. But we have some wonderful solutions to resolve all IE problems.

Internet Explorer Not Working Windows 7

How can we solve Internet explorer not working in windows 7

Now when we know that Internet explorer got improved to run on all the Windows. In case you are using IE on Windows 7 and unable to settle internet explorer not working windows 7. Don’t be troubled, as we have some troubleshooting steps to fix it quickly.

Follow The Steps to Fix Internet Explorer Not Working Windows 7

  • First, Turn on your system
  • Then start Internet Explorer
  • Press Alt and open “Menu.”
  • Select “Internet Options”
  • Now choose Advanced Tab on the configuration page
  • Tap on the Reset option and select “Delete Personal Settings” option
  • Again tap on the Reset option, to complete

These are some easy steps to fix the concerned issue only by following them in sequence. But this method will only work for Windows 7 and not on any other version of windows. In case you have the same issue on Windows 10 or any different version of Windows, then you need to perform another method to solve that.

Internet Explorer Not Working Windows 10

How can we solve Internet explorer not working in windows 10 issues

Referred above is a way to troubleshoot Internet explorer not working Windows 7 issue. And given below is a method to overcome the same issue on Windows 10. Though it takes too long, it is the best way to serve a permanent solution to this problem. So not making much of your time, let’s start with a suitable procedure.

Follow The Steps to Fix Internet Explorer Not Working Windows 10

  • First, you need to switch in your device
  • Then select the “Manage” option after pressing on the “My Computer” button
  • Press on the Window Logs and extend it 
  • Now tap on the Application option
  • System Logs list page will appear
  • Here you have to detect Internet Explorer error 
  • Now double click on the examined error to take out its detailed information
  • And enter the inquired information
  • When you identify the error name, you can stop it quickly by (changing its name or by removing the folder)
  • After removing the particular error, you have to restart the system in a safe zone/mode
  • Doing the above steps will support the saved changes to run in your system 

Given are some simple tips to settle windows 10 internet explorer not working error. Well, this method is a manual way to resolve the issue. And it’s a way more safe then technical ways to solve this problem. No doubt, it takes a lot of your time but assures the result at the same time. 

How Do I Fix Internet Explorer Not Working Issue

Above are the solutions of Internet Explorer not working on different versions of Windows. But as we know that Internet Explorer also launched its multiple versions and brought updates with each of them, respectively. Thus, users also face problems like Internet Explorer 11 not working. Take it easy; you can solve this just by performing the below-stated method.


There are Several Circumstances Which Hurdle Internet Explorer 11

  • You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer
  • Difficulty with the temporary folders
  • Try run Internet Explorer in a safe mode
  • Disable Hardware Acceleration
  • Uncheck Internet Explorer add ons
  • Relaunch the IE
  • Run Antivirus software
  • The additional upgraded version of IE related to the security
  • Enable IE (System File Checker) and (Check Disk)


Perform the Below Tips to Troubleshoot Internet Explorer 11 Not Working Problem

  • Open search string on the Windows
  • Now search “Troubleshooting.”
  • Click on the “View All” on the left side of the page
  • Tap on Internet Explorer Performance from the list
  • Perform the displayed directions
  • Shut down your system
  • Now try to run Internet Explorer 11 by restarting your system

Congrats! You have successfully fixed internet explorer not working issue by following these steps. In case you are not able to sort the existing problems by following the procedures mentioned above. You can take help from an instant solution as well to get your problems fixed.


As we know that Internet Explorer is a well-known web portal used by a massive number of users. It is famous for maintaining quality over some time. Besides powerful features, it has also facilitated users the safe zone to use it for their personal and professional use. In case the given methods are unable to solve the persisting errors. Then you are required to reach the Internet Explorer team to get your problems fixed quickly. The team is also known out as an instant solution. Because technicians thereby provide you the best solution immediately. You can call them regarding any Internet explorer issue at any time of the day.

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