How to Install & Setup my Lexmark MB3442adw Printer?

Lexmark printer has certainly made a great entry in the market and already earning popularity because of its efficient service of printing. Now focusing on the comprehensive approach that this printer brand follows, well if we talk about MB3442adw it is one of the best options that comes with a design with maximum security and engineering for better process. The best part of this printer is the security features which it offers while making sure the information stays safe on the device, document, and all over the network. Being first time user, you may have some questions popping in your head for Lexmark MB3442adw Printer Setup, the concerns are solved right here.

How Do I Setup my Lexmark MB3442adw Printer?

The process is quite simple. But you must make sure you follow it stepwise. In case if you still struggle with the same concern then technical team shall of course assist you for this. You first must:

  • Click on the option of add a printer
  • Then choose the option of a Network printer or the printer which is attached to some other computer
  • Now go on choosing either between the connection to be established of a printer on internet or the office or home network
  • You will have to then type the IP Address in the printer
  • And go further on choosing next
  • Now go for the option to choose the printer model and the manufacturer which is Lexmark MB3442adw printer
  • Your setup process will finish once you click ok

How Do I Connect Lexmark MB3442adw Printer to WI-FI

Lexmark MB3442adw printer is one efficient model that offers the multi-function and support the output till 42 pages. Besides, there is also a dual side automatic scanning, facing and even copying option. The printer is not just light in weight but compact enough that you can connect to the Wi-fi as well. Now talking about the Wi-fi, in order to connect it, you must first

  • Hit the home button and then get to the home screen
  • It is time that you further go ahead and perform the setup process and press OK
  • Now you can navigate to the setup of the network and then hit again the Ok button
  • You will then further go Wireless 802.11 b/g/n and click on ok
  • Make sure you do the navigation further towards the network connection setup and click on ok
  • Make sure you further move to the wireless option and then hit the OK button
  • Your printer will now be connected to wi-fi as well

How Do I Use My Lexmark MB3442adw Printer?

With so many features which Lexmark MB3442adw Printer Setup offers you can save a lot of your cost on the printing. Talking of which duplexing and sleep mode are some of these efficient features. You must make the right use of these features to make sure you are having a secured data printed. You must also avail other uses like user authentication, printer, network security and even the document security.

If you are ready to print, you can share the file with any of the device be it the mobile print or the web browser. Once the promo is made to select the printer available you can then go ahead and add the printer using the network search. You can also opt for the QR code or type the IP address of the printer manually or host name. 

What Ink Does Lexmark MB3442adw Printer Use?

This printer is capable to use the toners instead of the cartridges. To be precises, this printer uses the series of toner cartridges of Lexmark B346 series which you can find in the market in different sizes. They are also available in formats like

  • B346H00High Yield – (Page Yield = 3,000 Pages) 
  • B346000 – (Page Yield = 1,500 Pages)
  • B346XA0 – (Page Yield = 6,000 Pages)

Of course, when you focus on buying the toner cartridges for Lexmark MB3442adw Printer Setup, you must try to save more money by availing the special needs and discounts. It is always better to go for the large toner cartridges or the one that comes with high page yielding solution to reduce the while cost of printed page.


Lexmark MB3442adw is one amazing example of the latest technology-based printer that offers better speed, reliability and even is budget friendly. It is best for the small workgroups that are often in the small business. It is one versatile solution and quite compact with cost effective option too. It has the speed to make sure it meets the demand of the workflow.


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