Add Music To Make Your Videos Trending On Internet

In 2020, videos are no longer bound to be a homogenous experience, given we are consuming videos from different platforms for various reasons. 

Videos help in connecting people and help them communicate over shared interests. Content creators around the world are uploading thousands of videos every second on the Internet, and for your video to stand out, you need to have that extra wow factor to grab the attention of a viewer. Today, we are going to show you how you can add music and filters to your video, and make them look more appealing to your followers on social media platforms.

Step – 1

If you are shooting a video on your camera or mobile phone, always shoot the photos in the RAW mode. RAW is a file format that records every information of the image, taking the full advantage of your camera lens. As a result, you will have the highest quality possible. Moreover, with the RAW image, you get additional information. Thus, it’s easier for you to correct it without sacrificing quality. 

Step – 2

Before you put the creative ideas on your video using an editor, you need to make sure that you choose the right footage from your gallery. Selecting the wrong set of images and then spending hours editing them to be disappointed at the end is a rookie mistake that new editors do most of the time. So, take a close look at photos that you have on your phone and select the one you like the most. Also, make a backup copy of that video in case you want to re-access it.

Step – 3 

Once you have added the images, start editing the first slide. This will set the tone of your video, and it’s the first slide that your viewers will see. Choose from the number of templates that some of the best free slideshow maker provides you. Or, if you do have some design in your mind, start using the tools to make it come alive. 

Step – 4 

The title of your video needs to be on the first slide, and it needs to be as accurate as of the caption you will write when you are uploading it on social media. This is your opportunity to grab the attention of a viewer and make them stay on your video. So, work it over and over until you are sure of it. 

Step – 5 

Once you have all the images uploaded on the timeline of your video, find the tool which helps you in placing the pictures on your video timeline. You need to think about the sequence of your slides and how they will appear after each other. Too much animation can ruin the viewing experience, so keep in mind to make it simple and yet fun to watch. Moreover, use subtle transitions to avoid hard cuts that come in between the slide change. That way, it will be easy on the eyes of a viewer and will not break the viewing experience. 

Step – 6 

Once you are done with inserting slides and have added transition in between them, run the whole video multiple times in your chosen Youtube video editor. Check if the video follows the correct sequence that you intended in the first place. 

Step – 7

If you are satisfied with the sequence and the transition of the slides, now it’s time to take the help of online video editing apps such as InVideo to enhance your stock video using different effects, filters, and tools. Make a backup of your stock video before using any means, in case you need to use it once again for different sets of tools and filters.

Step – 8 

Save the video after you are done with your editing because now you are going to add music in the video. Once you import the music file from your hard drive into the software, locate it in the media bin, click on the file, and then drag it on your video timeline. You can add whichever song or audio file you like, but make sure it goes with the content of your video. Or it will harm the viewing experience. 

Step – 9 

You can add multiple audio clips and dialogues according to your slide on the video’s timeline. In this step, you need to decide whether you want music to be running through your whole video. Or do you just want it to be in your intro and outro? 

Step – 10 

Now, we are at the end of our editing process. Once you make up your mind on how to use the music, all you need to do is adjust the audio clip. Doing so adds up to your video and leaves a long-lasting impact on your viewer. Adjust the volume of the music, as too much noise, could lead the viewer to turn the audio off, and not many people stay on the video once they turn off the volume.

Step – 11

Everything is complete now. Run the video with music a couple of times to make sure the video is in perfect sync with the music, and then export it to your hard-drive. Lastly, share it on your social media accounts at the time when you have the most engagement. That’s it, enjoy the video that you have made and get all the likes you want from your followers. 


There you have it, 11 easy steps to make a beautiful music slideshow video by selecting images that you have captured from your device. Once you learn different tools and software, you can add more layers of edits and adjustments in your video. But for that, you first need to make some videos. 

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