Why Is My Outlook Not Receiving Emails Automatically?

The outlook is one of the best software information, which primarily works as an emailing system. One can do multiple things with an outlook like manage meetings, take notes, manage their contacts, journal logging, etc. though, some people might face problems of not receiving or sending emails via outlook, or they might be able to send emails but not receiving. If you one facing such a problem, don’t worry here we are to help you out. In the below sections, we have mentioned what might be the reason for not receiving emails and how you can solve such issues. Therefore, read all the sections completely and get all your problems solved. 

Outlook not Receiving Emails But can Send

There might be several reasons why you are not receiving outlook mails. And not receiving might become a big problem to anyone. Therefore, it should be sorted out, but before solving the problem one must know the reason why this is happening. Hence, in this section of our text, we have provided the most likely causes of you not racing outlook emails. Understand what is the problem with your mail and then proceed accordingly. 

  • Improper internet connections.
  • The email address provided in the respective field is wrong.
  • Maybe an incorrect password is filled or you have forgotten the password.
  • Outlook has suspended your account.
  • Unnecessary cookies, cache are blocking outlook mails. 
  • The spam folder might be interrupting your outlook mails. As emails may be shifted to the spam folder accidentally.
  • The sender has not inputted the mail properly.
  • The current web browser you are using, not supporting outlook mails. 
  • The device is of the old version.

How Do I Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails?

Not receiving emails on outlook is a serious issue that much is sorted out. But need not worry, like any other technical issue, it also has a solution. Before actually going through the solutions to how you can fix your outlook without receiving problems, you should understand why you are facing such an issue. To understand that better read the above-mentioned possible reason and then choose the solution accordingly. 

Solution 1- Check your Network Connection.

A bad internet connection won’t be able to connect to the outlook server. Therefore, you will not receive any emails. But in such case, you won’t be able to send mails also. 

Solution 2- Check the Block Senders List.

If in case you accidentally block the particular sender, you won’t be able to receive emails from that particular sender. Therefore check your block list following the given steps. 

  • Open outlook and navigate to “settings icon”. 
  • Select the email and click on the “junk email”.
  • Look for the email you want to unblock.
  • Select the email address from the list and click on the delete icon on the right side. 
  • This will remove the sender’s email from the block list and send emails to your email. 

Solution 3- Remove an Unnecessary Linked Email Account from Outlook.

 Outlook allows users to connect to 20 different email accounts. But when you connect Outlook to multiple unnecessary accounts it might not obey the emails in the primary outlook account. 

Therefore, remove all the extra accounts and again check your inbox, you might start receiving emails. 

  • Open the “file” option on outlook and click on the “info” option. 
  • Expand the “account settings” and click on the “manage accounts”.
  • A new window will open having the option of “email account” click on that option. 
  • Check the email account, choose which you want to remove, and click on “remove”.

Remove as many unnecessary accounts as possible using the above options.

Solution 4- Check for the Automatic Unable Option, If It is Enabled or Not.

Though this feature is automatic but due to some technical issues it can get enabled. Because of which you might not receive an email in your outlook inbox. 

Therefore check your automatic unable option following the below-mentioned steps. 

  • On the home page of outlook, select the “send/receive” option and then select “send/receive” groups. 
  • Now select the “defined send/received” option.
  • Then, clock check in front of the “schedule an automatic send/receive every” option and set the time. 

Done, you have not enabled your automatic refreshing option to refresh your outlook email in a particular time span. 

Solution 5– If any of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, check whether your account has been blocked or not. There might be a possibility that your account has been blocked. 

Why are my Emails not Visible in my Outlook Inbox?

There might be several reasons why your emails are not visible in your inbox. Some of the reasons along with solutions are mentioned below.

Solution 1- Firstly check your junk folder.

  1. Open the junk folder.
  2. Check for the mail you are searching for.
  3. If you have to find the mail, simply right-click on the email.
  4. Select junk and then click “not junk”.

Done, your email is junked accidentally this will not happen from now onwards.

Solution 2- Check your Inbox Limits.

Outlook inbox has storage limitations. Therefore, if your inbox is already full, you are not going to receive any emails. Hence, you should first check whether your inbox is full or not. To solve this follow the below-given steps.

  1. Choose the email of the sender you want to delete.
  2. Click on the “sweep” option to present the upper case of the screen.
  3. Choose “delete all emails of the sander”.

All emails of that particular sender will be deleted automatically.

Solution 3- Check the Other Folders.

Outlook sometimes sends some random emails to other folders and saves them. Therefore, check the other folder to solve your outlook email not receiving problem.

  1. Click and open the inbox of your outlook.
  2. Switch to the “other folder”.
  3. Check the particular email you want.
  4. If you found the email, right-click on that and select “move”.
  5. Step 5- then, choose “always move to focused email”.

Done, you now will receive all the emails in your focused folder of the inbox of Outlook.

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