Hospital and healthcare security- Fight against various types of data breaches

Hospital and healthcare security

The healthcare sector is more vulnerable to hospital and healthcare security than any other sector. Approximately, 30% of large data breaches have been anticipated over a decade that has affected thousands of staff and users. These data breaches have several techniques, that differ from personal information stealing to deliberately information disclosure to stolen tools. Hospitality … Read more

Debunking Myths About Chiropractic Care


It goes without saying that the results of chiropractic care are amazing and it is emerging as a highly acclaimed form of pain relief. This is why, like the rest of the world, the clinics of chiropractors in Dubai are also increasing. However, despite its rising popularity, many myths are associated with it. These myths … Read more

How to Sync Cox Email on Microsoft Outlook

Sync Cox Email on Microsoft Outlook

Are you confused about setting up your Cox email with the Outlook program? No worry it has become a fast and easy task now for Sync Cox Email Outlook. Below mentioned steps will help you with the step by step for adding your Cox account and finding your email for the first time. Before you start- … Read more

5 Types of VoIP Phone Services You Should Know About


If you are a business owner or have a social circle of entrepreneurs then you might have heard about the term VoIP phone. If not then fret not! It is a device that uses voice over internet protocol technology to provide an internet-based telephone service. A VoIP works just like a normal phone and would … Read more

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