How to Use FixMeStick on a Windows Computer?

How to Use FixMeStick on Windows

Being a first-time FixMeStick user there might be ample questions running in your mind. But first thing first! If you want to subscribe for the 320-day free trial or simply want to buy it, you must be first its member. Because there are so many people with whom the company has already been tied up … Read more

What is FixMeStick (StartMeStick) and Where to Buy It


Imagine that you have an antivirus installed on your PC but still, somehow malware has managed to cross it, well then you will have to make up your mind for the consequences. If you don’t take the right steps then of course it may result in your computer disability as well. It can even disable … Read more

What is the default IP, Username and Password for Belkin Router?

belkin router default ip username password

To Access Belkin router setup page online, user’s need the default username , password and belkin router default login IP. The users can access belkin router login online through their desktop or mobile application by following the instructions. Connect your mobile to Wireless Network which comes from belkin router.  Then type belkin router default ip … Read more

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