Data security is essential indeed, here we describe why and where your data is used. No matter who you are, privacy is a concern for everyone and so the case with instant help solution. Instant help solution is a support service supplier to many organizations and prefers keeping user’s data secure to maintain trust. We do not ask users to share their information online with any other user to continue using this service. We keep an eye on sources that can cause harm to your data and help secure your data from leakage. If you are interested and looking further to take our services then don’t worry your data is all secured and will be handled by our organization only to keep assisting you.

What all we ask for?

  • We gather your personal information for various reasons
  • To run transactions smoothly
  • To control the charge of conversation that has been conducted between you and the organization

Whatever the information has been collected with you, our organization keeps it transparent and not just this but also we explain the reason for collecting a particular piece of your personal information, also why and when it has been shared with whom. All this keeps the transparency at the top so that a user doesn’t feel insecure.

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