How to Login to ProtonMail Account Online?

ProtonMail is basically an end to end encrypted email service. Established in 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. Unlike other email services, ProtonMail provides client side encryption. The client side encryption makes sure to protect the users data and email details before sending to the servers. 

Therefore, ProtonMail email is an alternative and the best option for email services or it’s better to say, it’s a better option to be used as email. There are several reasons to call the ProtonMail  email a better option.

ProtonMail emails allow you to create several folders just by dragging and dropping. In the newly designed  ProtonMail email, there is a calendar facility to manage and create your appointments. Even you may create weekly, monthly, or yearly appointments just by selecting the time span and adding the subject to it. You may attach files from local folders by just dragging and attaching. Drag and drop, unified inbox, folder tree make ProtonMail email an amazing emailing platform to be used.

In this article we are going to see how can you do the following things- 

How Do I Login to ProtonMail? 

How to access ProtonMail in iPhone? 

How Do I Login to ProtonMail?

Before knowing how to login to the ProtonMail, you must know about the official url for the ProtonMail. To access the ProtonMail email login the URL can use is, You can directly click on the link to navigate to the ProtonMail  login page. After that, you can simply fill in your ProtonMail id in “my ProtonMail ID” and password in the respective field. Click on the “sign in”‘ to sign in to your account. If you don’t have a ProtonMail account, you can also create one using the same link. Just click on the “create a ProtonMail ID” and then follow the steps mentioned in the previous section to make a new ProtonMail email account. 

Now let’s see, how can you login to ProtonMail?

To login to the ProtonMail you need to follow the steps mentioned in this section of our article.

Step 1- search for the  ProtonMail login page the

Step 2- click on the link, and you would be directed to the  ProtonMail email sign-in page. 

Step 3- Click on the “ create an ProtonMail ID” option, given in that interface. 

Step 4- fill your phone number and user name in the respective fields.

Step 5- choose the strong password with both lower & upper cases, number, and special character as well. 

Step 6- fill the same password in the “create password” & “confirm password” fields carefully.

Step 7- click on the sign-in button. 

Done, you are now good to go with your  ProtonMail email account. Access your  ProtonMail email afterward by submitting your email id and passwords to the login in the field.

How to access ProtonMail in iPhone?

To access the ProtonMail on iPhone, you need to add ProtonMail to your apple mail accounts. Adding ProtonMail to the apple mail account is not difficult, but yes it is a trick. But, we have made it simple for you. 

Just follow the steps in the section below to add and access ProtonMail on iPhone. 

  1. Step 1- navigate to “settings” of your iPhone, and click on the “accounts & passwords” option. 
  2. Step 2- now, choose the “accounts” option and then click on the “add account” option. 
  3. Step 3- thereafter, add your ProtonMail account details.
  4. Step 4- fill in your ProtonMail username and password.
  5. Step 5- after that, provide your email address and add the description. 
  6. Step 6- click the “next” option and select “IMAP” As account type.
  7. Step 7- now, enter the details in the incoming and outgoing mail server. 
  8. Step 8- enter your ProtonMail username and password in both incoming and outgoing mail servers. 
  9. Step 9-fill as your host name in both incoming and outgoing mail servers. 
  10. Step 10- click on the “next” option.
  11. Step 11- go back to the initial step and again open the “account and password” option and choose proton mail account.
  12. Step 12- select the IMAP and again choose proton mail account, click on the “advanced” option. 
  13. Step 13- Now, enter “none” in the use SSL field and your password in the “authentication” field in both incoming and outgoing mail servers. 
  14. Step 14- after that, enter the “1143” in the server port of the incoming server and “1025” in the outgoing server. 

Click on the “next” option and you’re done with configuring your proton mail account to the apple mail app.

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