Roku Activation Code-How to Fix

Roku Activation Code

Roku activation code isn’t only any code, but this code will clear a path to the entertainment for you. Roku activation code is not an optional code, however a required one. If you have late purchased Roku device and are looking to set it up, then you should find Roku activation code and add it in the correct place.

Now, there would one say one is question that is will arise in your mind, i.e., how to get this Roku activation code from? All things considered, you will see this code on your TV screen when you run over the screen where you are asked to activate your Roku player.

How to get new Roku link activation code

  • Open on your internet browser.
  • Now, you have to connect your Roku media streaming player to your TV followed by turning the power on the TV. Ensure that the Roku code shows up on the TV screen.
  • Enter the code on the page that you’ve opened on your internet browser.
  • Now, click ‘Submit’ button and your Roku device is going to connect consequently.
  • Now, you can easy select your preferred channels that you wish to link to Roku com link account.
  • Moreover, you can search ‘My account’ option on the top menu on the main Roku page.
  • Apart from that, you will see the sequential number of your Roku device under the ‘linked devices’ section.

Guidance for Roku link activation code

  • If your code has been ended before you could utilize it, then you have to locate the new activation code.
  • Moreover, if you have entered the code quite a while in the wake of getting the code, then the validity of the code could be terminated, thus resulting in activation code issues.
  • If the Roku link activation code has not showed up on the screen however is generated, then there is some issue with the device.

To fix all the issues, you have to follow below-mentioned solutions:

  • Switch off the TV and Roku for a few minutes and after that, turning on the power on both devices.
  • Now, enter Roku link activation code again so as to get the link to your Roku account.
  • You will now observe that your Roku account is linked, then you have to sign into your ‘my Roku com link’ page.
  • To check whether your device has been linked or not, you have to open ‘linked devices’ option in order to check your Roku media streaming player.
  • If you are not able to see the serial number, then simply wait for a few moments because the serial number is only going to be shown when the link code gets refreshed.

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