January 19, 2021

Is Your TCL Roku TV Stick Remote Not Working – Instant Fix Here

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Is Your TCL Roku TV Stick remote not working

Is Your TCL Roku TV Stick remote not working

Roku devices added comfort over time and made our lives smooth. Roku devices are gentle and help enhance users endeavour. To use Roku devices lets first know a little about it. In the very beginning Roku introduced itself through on-stream media services. The service was introduced in the year 2008 to help enhance user’s feasibility. There are multiple services and products that Roku provides like HDMI cable, router, remote, remote detector, streaming stick etc. Besides these wonderful services users complain about Roku products like Roku stick remote not working. No doubt Roku has updated its services by releasing each of its new generation. 

Roku is a trustworthy service supplier that updates the service according to the user’s feedback. Furthermore, all Roku services are of high quality but Roku TV stick remote is one of its best service. In case you find Roku remote error like Roku streaming stick remote not working. Then don’t panic because you can solve this issue easily following the given method. 

Roku Streaming Activation Link

Roku devices are all networked and get connected with the internet through unique activation link. Streaming appliances are easier than others but only when connected properly. If you are also a regular Roku user and face any difficulty connecting the Roku devices. Then don’t panic this is normal and you can link Roku device through Roku activation code. Doing this will help Roku device work properly and smoothly. Besides these several Roku errors could be solved just by connecting devices through Roku activation code. For example Roku stick remote not working or Roku remote not working with stick.

It becomes tough to continue with your task when the device doesn’t support. And Roku devices offer excellent quality but they only work when activated through an activation link. To begin with Roku you should know that to access Roku settings you need to create an account over Roku.

Roku Streaming Activation Link

To start a Roku device first connect it with Roku activation link. Doing this, you will be allowed to access and configure Roku settings to resolve issues like Roku stick remote not working. The Roku account you create will keep all your data, choices, registered channels.

Remember- creating a Roku account is free of cost and also it is free to update or activate any Roku device. 

Roku Activation Methods

Roku devices are easy to operate but only when they are activated. If you will use the previous version then the device won’t run smoothly. So it is necessary to update appliances to get a better experience using on-stream services. As stated previously, that Roku needs activation link or code to activate the device. For example, you can sometimes stuck with Roku streaming stick remote not working issue. Also issues like Roku stick remote not working no lights are some resolvable problems. In case you do not know the procedure of activating Roku appliances then don’t panic. At this point you are required to upgrade the service by activating it with the below detailed method. 

Steps to Activate Roku Devices

Note- Roku device activation is free of cost

  • First, turn on your system
  • And visit roku.com/link 
  • You will be directed to the activation window
  • Now type the activation code as screened on the device

You will surely get the issue fixed after following these steps but if you face any problem then do as detailed. Like if you get stuck while submitting the activation link then renter the link once to confirm. But if the problem persists then recheck network connectivity or system settings. 

However, if this also doesn’t fix the issue then you are required to perform the below steps

  • Turn on the Roku device first
  • Find a star option on your Roku remote
  • Then tap on the same (*) 
  • Now press on the “Get a new code” option
  • Confirm the code displayed on the screen and 
  • Enter it in the code field on the roku.com/link website

Note- do not leave a page or get back to your device without completing all the steps. As it will then no longer be able to activate or update any of the Roku device. For example issues like Roku stick remote not working no lights or Roku stick remote not working. No doubt, Roku offers premium quality service to help ease users work. But at times Roku becomes challenging and customers start to complain about the below mentioned issues.

Major Roku Issues

Roku is a wonderful and trustworthy service supplier that holds a wide range of market. Streaming devices of Roku help ease user’s life and provide them comfort with its effective features. With all honesty it is mandate to say that Roku appliances are easy to operate and compatible with all TV sets. But as we know that it serves in a technical field and technical glitches could occur at any time. So Roku is a similar case, though its products are excellent but stuck at times. To begin with Roku, you must know all the Roku problems. So that you can identify and resolve it easily when you deal with one.

  • Roku streaming stick remote not working 
  • Roku streaming stick plus remote not working 
  • Roku stick remote not working no lights 
  • Roku remote not working with stick
  • Roku stick remote not working

These are some major Roku problems that could affect the performance of Roku devices. And also it is a big reason why users switch to other services available in the market.

Why Roku is Not Turning On?

Why Roku is Not Turning On​

On the other hand there are more severe Roku issues that could make Roku lose users because of poor service. What is more than to stuck while running the device is unable to start the device even? Well, this is one of the major Roku problems that many of its users are not able to sort. At this point users get panic when issue is not resolved, don’t worry and get your issue fixed following the below steps.

Steps to Fix Roku Not Turning on Issue

  • The very first thing you need to check is whether the device is plugged in or not
  • If the device is Roku remote that is not turning on then do remove and renter its battery once
  • Another case you can detach the HDMI cable, close all the tabs and attach the cable after few minutes
  • If Roku stick remote not working or not turning on then press and hold all the down buttons
  • In case you face Roku not turning on, with any Roku device the reassure the cords plugging once

These are some troubleshooting steps to fix Roku not turning on issue easily. On the other hand if you face other Roku problems like. 

  • Roku streaming stick remote not working 
  • Roku streaming stick plus remote not working 
  • Roku stick remote not working no lights 
  • Roku remote not working with stick
  • Roku stick remote not working

Then you can follow the given methods, if unable to resolve on your own.

How to Fix Roku Remote Not Working Issue Easily?

How to Fix Roku Remote Not Working Issue

Just like Router, HDMI, on-stream subscription services and many other Roku products Roku remote is also in trend amongst users. Roku has launched remotes with various updates according to the demand. And there users complain about Roku stick remote not working or Roku streaming stick remote not working. In case you got stuck with any of the mentioned case. Don’t panic and follow the given easy steps to resolve the same.

Steps to fix Roku Stick Remote Not Working

  • First, take out the remote battery
  • Go to the System under Settings
  • And press on Restart under System Restart 
  • Now cut out the power from Roku device
  • Wait for few minutes and connect the power supply again to the Roku device
  • Go to the Home page
  • Now put in the remote battery

These are some simple points to fix Roku streaming stick remote not working issue easily. Hope you find these steps are of great use and easily resolve the issue following the given method.


No doubt, the above all are simple and quick methods to solve the concerned Roku issues. If you are unable to resolve them, not to worry because we are here with an alternative. Yes, Roku support team helps provide an instant result to the user’s problem. So when unable to fix the issue you are asked to reach the support team. The Roku team works throughout the day to provide you instant help. Besides you can contact them through text, email and call describing the issue. As a result you will get a quick and easy solution to your problem. Roku support team works hard to guide you in a best way. No matter what the error is, the team assures you to resolve Roku problems without consuming much time. Thus, it is a second option to fix all Roku problems just by contacting the learned techies. 

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