How to Install & Setup Canon Printer | Canon IJ setup

Before getting on the floor as a multinational company, Canon used to be a laboratory of Optical equipment in Japan. The domain of the company is electronics and the company was invented in 1937. Inventors of Canon are Takeshi Mitarai, Saburo Uchida, Takeo Maeda, and Goro Yoshida. Canon is headquartered in Tokyo, Ota in Japan but it serves its services throughout the world. To begin with Canon you must know that besides excellent services you can also experience some troubleshooting issues like how to setup Canon printer.

Canon is one of the earliest and well-known companies that produce electronic appliances. In its initial years, the company was not able to manufacture its own devices. Though Canon had a struggling past in today’s date it is ruling the market. Canon invented the first movie camera of the world and it is known to produce a variety of Zoom lenses. Moreover, Canon is popular to build various electronic devices like a variety of cameras, lenses, scanners, photocopiers, and Micromotors, etc. Also, there are some other helping optical products like calculator, projector, headsets, PC, etc.

What are Some Major Canon Printer Issues?

What are Some Major canon printer issues

Although, Canon is famous for its high-quality services then those services also become challenging at times. To begin with, Canon one must know all the pros and cons of its services. Especially the one you use to complete your daily tasks just like PC, Scanners, and Photocopiers, etc. But the printers play a major role in completing your task and it works only when connected with your device. To print your printer needs a good connection whether it is wired or wireless. Canon printers are famous and used frequently because canon serves multiple varieties of printers. Such as Inkjet, LaserJet, single and multifunctional printers. And that is the reason why users face various issues while running canon printers. Like canon ij setup, canon com ij setup and many other issues. They start to panic when unable to setup a canon printer as they are in the middle of their task.

Canon Printer Issues

  • Canon ij setup
  • Canon com ij setup
  • Canon printer Wi-Fi setup
  • Canon wireless setup

These are some common canon printer errors users wonder when unable to setup canon printer. Amongst these issues, canon ij setup is the one that occurs the most. To setup canon printer problems you can go through the below-mentioned methods. So that to resolve them quickly and easily. To resolve these problems user generally search for canon/ij setup, canon com ij setup, canon setup ij, canon ij setup. In order to find simple solution to setup canon printer errors these are some common search by users. Not just this but you can also try setup canon printer like canon ij setup by going through canon manual booklet. If not, then you should perform the detailed steps to get rid of these issues.

Setup Different Canon Printers

Setup Different Canon printer issue

Besides this Canon Printer is amongst one of its most used services. Because Canon has produced a variety of Printers, for example, Inkjet and LaserJet, Single function Inkjet, Multifunction Inkjet, etc. Well, this is the reason how Canon explored and expanded its services. It has covered a huge market by providing high-quality service and alluring features. Canon produces according to the market’s needs and such updated devices attract users to use them. However, services of Canon are excellent but even so it becomes hard to run at times. As we know that Canon manufacture electronics that run technically. And as a matter of fact, technical things get stuck many times because of various technical glitches. 

Well, similar is the case of Canon products as they are also electronic appliances. As previously stated the Canon printer is one of the most used of all Canon products. For this reason, users generally complain about issues like “canon printer setup”, “canon com ij setup”. And some other Canon printer related issues are like “Canon wireless printer setup”, “canon printer Wi-Fi setup” etc. Don’t worry if you are a Canon printer user and you face any issues regarding the same. You can follow the below prompts to fix those issues if you are unable to do them on your own.

How Can We Set Up a Wifi Canon Printer?

How Can We Set Up a Wifi canon printer

Many regular Canon users use their products daily. But they panic when those devices become challenging to them. Because of such hassles, their tasks remain incomplete and they get a bad experience. There are several other issues like canon com ij setup, canon ij setup, etc. With this in mind, we are here to provide a simple solution for how to set up a canon printer. So if you are the one who is dealing with the same issue. Then you can perform the below cited steps to fix your problem.

Steps to fix Canon Wi-Fi printer

  • Switch on your printer
  • Settings > Arrow button
  • Device settings > OK button
  • Via Arrow settings go to LAN settings and press OK
  • Repeat the same and switch to Wireless LAN setup
  • Tap OK
  • Again tap to Arrow button
  • Now search for your Wi-Fi
  • Press OK
  • Now type the password
  • Press OK
  • Check whether the printer is connected, if yes
  • Then press OK

Hope these setup canon printer steps are of great use to you. And after performing this method you have completed the canon printer Wi-Fi setup method.

How can we fix the canon wireless printer setup?

Well, this is not just an issue with the canon printer but also you can face canon/ij setup and canon com ij setup issues as well. Besides this, there is one major issue that users generally complain about and wonder about to fix the “canon wireless printer setup” issue. In question, this issue usually faced by regular canon printer users. Because it is wireless it needs a good network connection and other settings configuration to connect properly. Wireless Canon printers are easy to operate as but become challenging when there are good networks. Don’t panic your printer will get back to work when followed by the below method. Below is the method to fix this issue in case you are unable to do so.

How can we fix the canon wireless printer

Steps to fix canon wireless printer setup

  • First, connect the printer with Wi-Fi
  • Press Windows+R 
  • Now, copy-paste the control name
  • Select “Microsoft.Devices And Printers” option
  • Press OK
  • Now tap on the “Add a Printer” option 
  • Perform the on-screen instructions, to complete
  • Try printing a sample page

Congratulations! You have successfully fixed this issue with the help of canon printer setup method.

How can we complete the canon ij setup?

How can we complete the canon ij setup

Despite the excellent quality, canon users deal with some major problems when they use canon printers. And it is natural to panic when stuck in the middle of your task. No wonder if you also face the same, as these devices run on technology. And technical things give no confirmation but quality when they run properly. So do not worry just like the other issues you can also fix this problem as well by following the below-cited points.

Steps to Fix Canon/ij Setup

  • Either insert canon printer CD or install

  • Press Next on screen

  • Now turn on your printer

  • Then select other setup

  • Choose your Wi-Fi network

  • Now check for the blue and green light of (Wi-Fi), on the printer

  • Press Next

  • Finish agree on the terms step 

Performing this you have fixed canon ij setup issue easily. These are some easy canon printer setup steps to help you sort the issue.

How can we setup canon ij printer with USB?

How can we setup canon ij printer with USB​

Yet we have discussed wireless or Wi-Fi canon printer setup issues. But what if you are using Canon printer with USB and dealing with the same problem. With this in mind, for the purpose to resolve this issue, we have cited a method below. You just need to follow the given method to setup a canon ij printer with the help of USB.

Steps to setup canon printer with USB-

  • Start with

  • Now choose network connection and that is USB

  • Press Next

  • Now attach the USB cable from printer to your system

  • Tap on Complete 

  • Select Add Printer

  • Now add the specific drive

  • Press Next, to continue

These are some easy steps to set up your printer via USB. No not just wireless but USB printers also stuck and makes it difficult to operate the printer at times. But with the help of this method, you can resolve this problem quickly and easily.

How Can We Install Canon ij Printer Driver?

You can take a print out whether a printer is wireless or the one connected with the USB. But users wonder to know how to install a printer driver wirelessly with your system. No worries your answer is in the below-given method, you just need to perform the same.

Steps to Install Canon Printer Driver

  • Once go through the manual booklet of canon printer
  • Connect your printer through the wireless network
  • After the wireless setup, you need to open the control panel to download
  • Enter the control panel section
  • Devices and Printer > Add Printer > Add a Network
  • Pick the printer you want to install a driver with (from the printers list)
  • You can now install or download the suitable driver for your system
  • To install, select the “install driver button”

Hurray! You have fixed install canon printer driver issues with these troubleshooting canon printer setup steps.

Dell Printer Not Working

It is a company that serves technical appliances and known for providing high-quality service with excellent features in its devices like computers, laptops, hard disks, printers and many more in electronics. Dell provides IT services and particularly famous for offering direct sales, software installation and quality control. Its products are most preferred amongst the Asian market like servers, peripherals, network switches. Dell Printer is one of its best device which is easy to operate but stuck sometimes because of technical issues like Dell Printer not responding then here are some easy steps to resolve this issue.

To follow if an issue is with cable printers:

  • First, check USB cable connection
  • Shut down and start your system again
  • Turn off the printer
  • Disconnect the printer power cord from A/C surge
  • Connect it again after a minute and now turn the printer on
  • Now print a sample page to check whether it is working properly, if not then follow the below steps
  • A run box will appear when you press Windows+R
  • Now tap on the Printer icon
  • List of models will be displayed then, select your printer’s model
  • Enable it as default

Steps to follow if an issue is with the networked printer:

  • First, make sure that printer portal settings and IP address are proper
  • Go to Printer troubleshooter which identifies an error and automatically solves that
  • Get a sample print to check whether it is working

Above are some steps to fix when Dell printer not working or Dell printer not printing. If still, you face any problem related to Dell printers you may contact Dell customer service center for getting the best solution.


Above all are the methods to fix canon printer setup issues easily. Whether it is canon com ij setup, canon setup ij, canon wireless printer setup or canon printer Wi-Fi setup. Besides these issues, canon users also deal with some other troubleshooting problems. Just like they wonder to install printer drivers or if they want to setup canon printer with USB. On the condition that you are unable to perform the given methods then you can ask for instant help with the support team. You can solve all of these issues by following the given steps. But in case you are not able to solve them then you are required to contact the canon support team. 

The support team is handled by profound technicians to assist you. You can contact them through SMS, call, and mail regarding your problem. The team works 24/7 to guide you when you need them. Well, the above-detailed methods are enough to solve your queries. But the support team is an instant solution to your problems so call them to resolve your issues quickly.

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