What Can We Expect in the Upcoming MacBook Release?

If you are looking to purchase a new MacBook because you are looking to have a better time at work or would like to get a new computer for entertainment, you should wait a bit longer. The time to invest money now is not the best because Apple will release a new MacBook Pro pretty soon. 

Sure, current Mac models that you can find on the market are still a good option, but if you are in no hurry, waiting for a few months should not be that difficult, right?

According to rumors, new MacBook Pro models will arrive with significant changes and overall improvements that are some of the biggest so far. Let’s take a look at what we can expect and when we can expect to see a new MacBook available to the public.


Despite what some people might say, the design of MacBooks is one of the reasons why Macs are so popular. The 2021 MacBook Pro should come in two different screen sizes – 14 and 16 inches. The 14-inch version will replace the current one, which is 13.3 inches. 

All in all, the looks of the new model should not be that different from what we have right now. If there will be some changes, they will likely happen around the screen area.

Some rumors also claim that the developers are looking to make 14 and 16-inch models similar to iPhone 12, at least as far as flat-edged design goes. Is that something that MacBook enthusiasts will accept? Only the time will tell, but having a slimmer, flatter appearance seems like a good choice overall. 

Internal Improvements

The internal hardware makes the most difference when choosing a computer. It seems like Intel processor time is coming to an end. M1 chips, which were introduced with the latest batch of 13-inch MacBook Pro models, will make their return in the 2021 version. 

Some say that Apple is prioritizing the overall performance, and its Silicon chips have shown great results thus far.

For higher-end MacBooks, we may also see some new and improved cores. There were some talks about four efficiency cores that Apple has been working on for a while now.

A custom GPU technology would be another victory for the company, particularly if it helps silence critics that have been skeptical about the performance of Apple products until now. That is, provided that this GPU technology meets the expectations of both users and developers.

As for whether we will see the new and upgraded GPU with its core options in the 2021 MacBook Pro is still too early to tell. 

It would be nice to see better drives as well. MacBooks are not the best when it comes to available storage. Despite the fact that there are more tips about disk cleanup and other solutions for Mac than one can memorize, macOS users still run into hard drive and solid-state drive issues. It remains to be seen if Apple will 

Display Upgrades

The display panel is another MacBook component that we can expect to improve. However, the changes may not be that significant, given that there is really not that much room for something revolutionary.

Regardless, Apple will introduce higher contrast and extra brightness to the display panel that some users may find useful.

If some rumors are true, the future MacBook Pro models will be the first to have mini-LED displays that should boost the quality of display and the color range on the computers.

Return of Missing Features

If you look back at some of the decisions Apple made in the past, a number of those decisions are surrounded by controversy. The company is looking to reverse some of the changes and fix the mistakes it has made. 

Additional ports are the first on the list of restored features. MacBooks are not the best when it comes to available connections. Using third-party peripherals can be a pain, particularly if you want to connect multiple devices simultaneously. 

Yes, Thunderbolt ports have their own advantages. The problem is that the number of these ports is not enough.

The SD card reader is also something we can expect to see, but whether that is something noteworthy is hard to tell. 

If you are a fan of MagSafe charging, rejoice because it will come together with the MacBook Pro 2021.

Lastly, and this one is probably the most significant change, the developers are thinking about getting rid of the Touch Bar in favor of restoring the physical function key row. 

Mark Gurman, one of Apple’s analysts, has said that there were numerous tests involving different MacBook Pro versions. Some of them had the Touch Bar, whereas others did not. The company believes that the return of physical function keys is a step in the right direction.

Expected Release Date

Now for the fun part – the release date. Apple has not confirmed when we can expect to get our hands on MacBook Pro 2021, but the second half this year seems like the most likely outcome. In fact, the third quarter of 2021 sounds quite plausible. 

Covid restrictions are likely to ease up in the summer, and with many people eager to go outside and get back their lives to normal, a company like Apple can expect to take advantage of such a situation and release their new computer around this time.

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