Why Eyeglasses Should Not Demand Investment?

Do you believe that buying eyeglasses or sunglasses demands investment? Visits to an optometrist sound scary to you because of their hefty charges? If yes, then this article will help you explore why eyeglasses are not an expensive commodity.

People with an impaired or eye-sightness vision know that buying eyewear is not an easy task. To buy a decent pair of glasses online or offline, people have to spend a lot from their hard-earned money. The lesser-known fact about the eyewear industry is that a company named Luxoticca owns 90% of the brands available in the market. Some of those brands are Vogue Eyewear, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Arnette, and Alain Mikli, as well as certified brands including Dolce&Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Burberry and there are many more. 

Product styling, development, producing surface and pricing is decided and happens in Luxottica’s seven production units situated in Italy, one facility in FRG, 3 facilities in China, one in Brazil and one facility within the U. S. dedicated to sports and performance eyewear. Luxottica additionally has 2 little plants in Japan and Asian nations serving the native market.

Eyeglasses Demand Investment: Not Anymore

With consumers becoming more and more aware of products and their services, it becomes necessary for companies to give consumers both quality and affordability. The new-age consumers know that for a single product, a lot of options are available in the market. So, buying products of a single company is not compulsory.

If you’re extraordinarily used to using a specific brand, it may make the experience to some degree to pay an exorbitant quantity of cash to make sure your glasses have that unique brand’s label on them.

Nowadays, many people opt for investing less in eyeglasses so that they can buy more glasses now and then. People want to change their look every once in a while, and also want different glasses for different occasions Also, people regularly use Anti blue light glasses while looking at their digital screens use to save their eyes from the harmful blue rays.

Specscart: A Game Changer

Being a startup, a manufacturer and the supplier of eyeglasses and sunglasses, Specscart has revolutionised the eyewear industry by providing products of utmost quality at affordable prices. All types of prescription glasses be it reading glasses, varifocal or far distance glasses can be bought with a prescription at the store or website. 

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You must be wondering, why Specscart is cost-effective than other companies? This is because it has no middlemen involved from manufacturing to supplying the eyeglasses and therefore, it cuts additional costs.

Specscart gets the best ratings on Trustpilot and Facebook due to the fact that if going to the optical store is not possible even then, a customer can order four frames for a domestic trial of 7 days. That too, with free/prepaid delivery both ways. Plus, the ‘No questions asked’ policy on returns is followed by Specscart which implies there’s no possibility of any loss.

Buying glasses should now be a happy experience devoid of cheap glasses frames which do not last long. With eyeglasses starting from the range of £25, Specscart offers prescriptive and non-prescriptive eyeglasses and sunglasses.  With prices so low and quality so great, additional free features like anti-glare, anti-resistance, anti-scratch and anti-UV, make the glasses more reliable. 

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